Essays on Human Resource Management Case Study Assignment

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Human Resource Management The activities I would intend to focus on Initially I would convince Mr. Phillips of the qualitative difference between HRM and a casual way of personal management. As the Phillips’ Furniture has grown to be a big business organization with six regional outlets and a new manufacturing firm, Human Resource Management should be an important aspect of its strategic concern. I would focus on the strategic integration of HR in order to enhance production, supply, customer satisfaction, and the relationship between the members of the organization.

I would also design a code of ethics for the company to achieve the proposed objectives by ensuring the collective efforts of all employees, managers, and other individuals. This code of ethics will be the basic principles of conduct that personnel are bound to maintain in order to ensure the overall development of the firm. Although individual skills are of great significance, for a company like the Phillips, organizational achievement depends on the collective efforts or teamwork. Therefore, instead of Independent entrepreneurship rather broad and collaborated knowledge sharing between the various departments will be essential.

Another important area of my concern would be employee motivation. It covers reward system, training, feedback, personal interaction, and retention. All these functions will help to identify the strength and weakness of company’s HR. The HR policy would also focus on diverse workforce and legal compliance. It has been assumed that diverse workforce would avail potential individuals with a variety of talents who will also have experience and knowledge about wide rage of customers (Weightman J., 25).

2. The initial action I would take My first action will be intended to gather HR information from all its units and departments because to be competitive, the company requires timely and accurate information about its human resource. Therefore, the organization should rely on technology to have immediate access to its HR information. Using the advanced web-based technology company will store every valuable data in its specially designed software.

I envisage that this Human Resource Information System (HRIS) would highly help the company to integrate its HR with the overall enterprise planning. To illustrate, any of the above stated strategies could be implemented only if I have access to HR information. The effectiveness of HRM is highly associated with the strategic character of the firm’s human resource, leadership, and involvement of line managers.

If the HR integration is not effective, it would affect production, supply, and the relationship between the members of the organization. As the HR manager, I would promote group activities, structural changes (if required), and healthy interactions if I identified the weak and potential employees. Furthermore, the system would help various units to bring their knowledge and experience together in order to pursue the common goal. The system is expected to create a collective working environment which would enable the firm to meet challenges including time management, problem solving, and documentation.

As the company does not have an integrated HR strategy, I believe that my effort to collect HR information will be relevant to the context. Moreover, it will have a special significance as the company proposes to acquire a new pool of HR (Martin’s) having different organizational culture. Works Cited Weightman. Managing People, Edn. 2, CIPD Publishing. 2004.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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