Essays on Apple - Ethical Human Resource Policies Case Study

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The paper “ Apple - Ethical Human Resource Policies” is a motivating variant of the case study on human resources. Organizational structure is one of the key factors that define the success of large companies like Apple. Apple still maintains a traditional hierarchical structure despite the fact that some little changes have been made by various income CEOs (Meyer, 2015). Almost everything that goes on in the company must pass through the CEO and the top management. However, there is some form of collaboration between various departments like software and hardware teams.

The upper tier of the company has more of function-based groupings, where every senior manager handles a business function. The lower tier of Apple, on the other hand, has product-based groupings, where the company has many vice presidents who manage different outputs or products. But the VPS must still report to the CEO of the company. In general, Apple has a hierarchical organizational structure. The organization culture of a company is important in determining the inability in terms of supporting the necessary changes, coming up with effective policies and strategies that can enhance the general performance and productivity of a company.

Apple’ s organizational culture is geared towards ensuring that employees are properly developed and equipped to facilitate innovation in the company (Meyer, 2015). Some of the key features of organizational culture that define Apple include top-notch excellence, creativity, and innovation. The selection policy of the company ensures that only the best workers are employed in the company while at the same time employees are employed based on their skills and creative abilities. The company also highly embraces innovation, as it encourages all its employees to be innovative in whatever they are doing to enhance the performance of the company.

Innovation is at the heart of Apple and it is regarded as one of the most innovative companies in the world. Every senior vice president (SVP) in the company has a certain business that he or she manages. The company has an SVP for industrial design, marketing, production, and retail.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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