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2/2013A1. Present three possible decision alternatives to address the problem regarding the whistles. The quality assurance department manager has raised concerns after a metal whistle included in the toy collection did not pass the routine testing due to small traces of lead. It is our responsibility to ensure no harm is caused to the consumer and any other user; In order to maintain integrity, below are three potential alternatives that could be considered: Potential alternatives to be considered: Destroy the faulty whistles before making new whistles with reduced amount of lead. Ship the approved toys and delay the shipping of the new whistles as communicate to customers on your website.

Give employees refresher courses. Ship out the toys that passed the routine test without including the whistles. Then bring in external experts to assist in product development and training employees. Hold a press conference to communicate to the public and brief them on the way forward. Market the new improved product. And interact with customers on the website responding to all their queries. Pull out whistles from the market rather invest more in the toys that pass the routine tests and are less risky.

Put up communication in the company website. A1a. Explain the process or method that you used for selecting each of the alternatives. The method used to come up with these alternatives is the Problem solving via decision making process. In problem solving we perceive and resolve a gap between a present situation and a desired goal. While in decision making an alternative is selected from options generated and evaluated to reach the desired goal. This method involves at least four phases: An Input phase in which a problem is perceived and an attempt is made to understand the situation or problem; A Processing phase in which alternatives are generated and evaluated and a solution is selected; An Output phase which includes planning for and implementing the solution; and a review phase in which the solution is evaluated and modifications are made, if necessary (Bransford & Stein, 1984)A1b.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative. Alternative 1: This alternative proposes destroying the faulty whistles and shipping the approved toys and communicating with customers on the company website on the decision.

In addition, this alternative will include providing the employees with refresher courses which will help in adjusting with the new measures. Advantages of alternative 1:This alternative will help increase the customer satisfaction by making sure that the products are on the shelves on time. Making new whistles with reduced amount of lead will reduce toxicity by reducing the lead in the whistles hence making it user friendly to the consumers. Communicating with the customers on the company website will help in building a good relationship between the clients and the business.

By disclosing the defects and other relevant facts gives the client better attitude to relate positively with the business. Disadvantages of alternative 1:The cost of production increases since initial production will be disposed and new raw materials required. By trying to ensure timely shipment, there won’t be enough time to research and to tests on the final product. Involving the client into a discussion might lead to some risks for the company. For instance, after disclosing the material defect and the problems of the commodity, the client might decide to pull out at his/her pleasure and that can put the business into a risk.

Onother possible outcome for customer involvement is the risk of mutual agreement which might not be reached based on the prices that are fixed. This can happen in the sense that after the disclosure of the defects, the client might need a higher reduction in the prices that were fixed earlier.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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