Essays on Human Resources and Organisational Structure of Johns Boilermakers Company Case Study

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The paper "Human Resources and Organisational Structure of John’ s Boilermakers’ Company" is an outstanding example of a case study on business. Developing an effective organizational structure is an important aspect of any business is looking forward to succeeding in hard economic times. Designing and putting in place an organizational structure demand that the business framework under which the business operates is adequately defined to give direction on how the structure will look like. Understanding what the business of the organizations is and how it works, is very fundamental for any organizational leader that is looking forward to making effective decisions (Scarborough and Thomas 2003).

A well organized and developed organizational structure is important in ensuring cohesiveness and communication among the workforce is enhanced and positively applied to achieving organizational goals and objectives. Further, an organizational structure is used to identify the process of making decisions, rules governing formal and informal groups in an organization, assigning roles and duties among the staff and also facilitate communication. The ultimate objective of an organizational structure is to enhance efficiency in the business processes (Gulati & Puranam 2009). 1.1 Purpose of the report The purpose of this report to provide a detailed analysis of John’ s Boilermakers’ Company by paying particular attention to such areas as organizational structure and its size, communication, staffing, employee coaching and designing a contingency plan for the business.

The aim being to establish if the organizational structure for John’ s Company is effective and efficient, ways of improving communication in the organization and in particular among the workshop staff, adequate staffing, benefits of using external coach for the business and the contingency plans that can be put in place for the business to ensure its continuity in the future. 2.0 Company overview John’ s Company is specializes in manufacturing and selling boilers and John is the owner and the general manager.

Apart from having a company workshop for manufacturing the boilers, the company has also diversified its business to supplying labor to nearby mines. The company has 16 employees 5 of whom are managers. Below is the current organizational structure for the company. Diagram 1: Current company organizational structure 3.0 Organizational structure and company workforce An appropriate organizational structure is supposed to ensure that only the required number of staff is made available at any given time.

This is important in ensuring that there is efficiency is attained through proper use of available resources. To start with, John’ s Company has got 16 workers among which 5 are managers as shown in the organizational structure above. In an ideal situation where the company is strategizing to grow by economizing resources (reference), the recommended manager-employee ratio is 1 to 15. However, this is not the case with John’ s Company. The current manager-employee ratio is about 1 to 3 three.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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