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The paper "Performance Management System Process " is a perfect example of a management assignment. PMS is a process that helps in the effective management of individuals and teams to ensure a high level of organizational management is attained. We can say that the PMS development plan outlined in this case is an effective one. The plan is effective because it aims to establish a shared understanding concerning what is to be attained at CBH and outlines an approach that will be used to lead and develop people to ensure that high performance for CBH is achieved.

The PMS plan in the case began by collecting views of employees and identifying the weaknesses in previous management systems. This was essential since the process of planning was consultative to reduce cases of rejection of the system. The plan started off well but the proposals made to correct the system were not all-inclusive and only managers were consulted. The fact that the employees’ views were not sought at this [point might present some problems during implementation since the employees will feel that they are being forced out of their comfort areas.

Furthermore, the case notes that some employees are unionized but the plan does not involve union leaders. Thus this may be a problem during implementation since employees who are unionized may not face the same wrath like those who are not unionized and hence the system is bound to be unfair. This may result in high rates of employee turnover. In spite of these shortcomings, the system proposes continuous performance improvement, development and management of individual behaviour which are essential for improving the general performance of the organization.

The nature and detail of the system were well communicated. From evaluation little emphasis was placed on the skill level of supervisors to operate the system. In addition, measurement of competence, provision of feedback and setting performance goals by supervisors was not adequately addressed during the development of the PMS system. Even though the plan and implementation of this PMS were effective, those involved in its planning should have involved all stakeholders at all stages. The unions to which the employees belong to, employees and even customers could have been consulted instead of narrowing down to management only.

This could have provided a wide view of ways of improving the performance of CBH. In addition, it would have addressed the problems experienced during the implementation of the system such as how to measure competence and to set performance goals. What are the purposes of CBH’ s PMS? Identify and evaluate the key features or characteristics of this PMS. What do you see as its defining characteristics? The purposes of PMS at CBH included improvement of competence, improving performance and rewarding best performing individuals in addition to linking performance to remuneration for individuals in management positions.

Furthermore, the system was aimed at providing behaviour descriptors or indicators that differ at different levels. One of the major characteristics of this system was to create performance development and reward system. This development of employees’ performance is in line with the purpose of the performance management system of ensuring that employees receive information continuously about how effective they are performing relative to their expectations. Another characteristic of this PMS is the provision of a competency rating guide.

This is also in line with the function of PMS of identifying the performance of employees which does not meet the expectation of the firm. The system is also characterised by rewarding the best performers which are also good for recognizing performers. This ensures that the distribution of awards and salary is in line with performance. The system also provides a career plan for its employees to ensure that employees further their careers to improving their performance. This is one of the key characteristics that encourages and facilitates the development of employees.

The defining characteristic of this system was the process for communicating employee performance expectations, maintaining ongoing performance dialogue in addition to conducting an annual performance appraisal.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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