Essays on Human Resourse Management - Case Study: Singing The Same Song: Multi Level HRM Systems Case Study

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Submission date: Human Resource Management- Case study: Singing the same song: Multi level HRM SystemsIntroductionThe concept of HRM can basically be perceived as a strategic approach to management of the relations in work places. HRM reveals that leveraging the capabilities of the people is fundamental in the efforts of attaining competitive advantage (Bratton & Gold 2003, p. 6). Diverse researches which have been conducted in different organizations have for long supported the fact that human resource practices have a great effect on the outcomes of the organization based on the fact that they are vital in determining and shaping the attitude and behaviors of the employees as well as influencing both the short and the long-term performance of the institution.

This fact is supported by different scholars, for instance, Ostroff and Bowen (2000) who determined that human resource practices are crucial in shaping the attitude of the workforce through molding the perceptions of the employees about the nature of the organization, what it is like and also informing their expectations of the magnitude and depth of their future relationship with the organization.

In addition, there is usually a generic presumption that there is often an interaction between the human resource practices with perceptions of institutional support to impact on the commitment of the employee. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that market dynamics play a major role in defining the HRM practices in a firm. Technological change, increased competition from other firms in the industry and changes in consumer demands are just some of the issues which are directly linked to the practice of HRM and if not properly addressed can result in detrimental effects in a firm. It is an apparent fact that the case study institution, Banksia is confronted by diverse human resource challenges which pose extensive effects on its operations.

Against this backdrop, this paper will critically analyze the sources of and HR challenges at Banksia as well as make profound recommendations to fix the HR system at Banksia. In addition, it will evaluate the impact of an effective communication channel on the change plan of the organization and lastly a job analysis will be prepared and conducted for the position of a human resource manager at Banksia. Sources of and HR challenges at BanksiaAs mentioned in the preceding section, Banksia faces a wide alley of challenges which will be analyzed in the subsequent discourseLack of a human resource departmentThe importance of a human resource department in diverse companies in influencing either the success or failure of performance in the healthcare systems has been overlooked in past decades.

However, a contemporary paradigm shift has culminated to increased cognition of the fact that in order to get formidable human resource policy and management, the human resource department ought to be at the center of any sustainable remedies to the performance of the health systems (Buchan 2004, p.

1). This is founded on the fundamental undertakings which are mandated to the HR department in the overall operations of the firm. Among other activities, the HR department is at the core of training and recruitment operations in any organization. This ensures that the institution is properly focused in the acquisition of the most competent talent who are key in boosting the performance of an organization.

It is thus paramount in the efforts to sustainable competitive advantage in the market.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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