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Hypermarket Management and StrategiesA hypermarket can be defines as a huge supermarket which is not usually located out of the city. The services offered at supermarkets, specialty stores and department stores may be found underneath one huge roof. The notion of a hypermarket is that the complete weekly shopping requirements of the consumers must be met below one roof. Every thing is available there groceries to clothes. The best instances of Hypermarkets are Carrefour and Wal-Mart. The Carrefour was the first ever hypermarket (Jansen 1982 p370). Because of the immense size the amount of customers they can satisfy is also immense; hypermarkets are usually located outside denser areas, and thus there is have sufficient place for parking. Hypermarket is a superstore which serves as both a supermarket and a department store.

The outcome is an extremely huge retail facility which has a vast assortment of products underneath one roof, as well as full lines of groceries and general products. If they are planned, built, and implemented properly, a consumer can do all their usual weekly shopping in one go (Dawson & Burt 1983 p34). These sores usually consist of business models that have a high-volume, low-margin sales.

A hypermarket is defined as having at least 50000 sq (Baker 2002 784) which fulfills the need for a lot of shoppers to carry huge quantities of goods, a lot of hypermarkets prefer suburban or locations which are far away for the city that are easily reachable by a car or even bus. 1. Market SegmentationAppended below is the market segment identifies by a hypermarket as the key market to focus our marketing efforts on: -1.1 Target MarketThey segment their market into 2 types.

They focus on serving the upper customer who needs quality product and service. They let the warehouse seller to take the lower rank customer by providing cheaper price product, which quality is also lower as well2.Hypermarket Management TeamThe right management team is important for the success of a hypermarket, and has to have a strong base in marketing, management, finance, as well as development of services (Thomas 2006 p18). IT - project success is still highly dependent on strong leadership commitment and participation of the business and the user. 2.1 Marketing ResearchAn advance marketing information system is important in a company especially for hypermarkets.

An advance marketing information system is needed in order to gather, sort, analyze, evaluate and distribute needed, timely and accurate information for marketing decision making (Frazier 1983p59). The hyper markets obtain information about developments in the marketing environment via the marketing intelligence system by business magazines, newspapers, trade publications, by communication with customers, suppliers and distributors, internet, and so on. They also gathers information about its target market and industry via marketing research system in order to find out its customers' wants and needs in order to offer products and services that meet their expectations.

Basic survey methods of research are for example, face-to-face survey, questionnaire and observation (McGoldrick & Davies 1995 p19) Even though doing marketing research might involves a significantly costs, hypermarkets has never neglect the importance of research. They outsource marketing research to those expert in order to gather the information such which product do customer prefer, what price should be charged, who will buy the products and services, and what their target customer’s need (Floch & Bodkin 2001 p34)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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