Essays on I Want to Start a Coffee Shop in San Diego Project Assignment

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S0election of Project Topic: I want to start a coffee shop in San Diego (California). Write a paragraph that explains why you chose this project. I choose this project because the coffeehouse marketplace is a proven business concept that can be customized in order to attract many customers. Starbucks Café was able to open over 16,000 coffee shops around the world; this proves to me that the concept is well accepted. The gross profit in this industry is high which will allow me to accumulate wealth. Another reason that I choose this project is because it will give me the opportunity to work in a dynamic and fun atmosphere.

I want to be a part of the solution to our nation’s problems. As an entrepreneur I can be a part of the solution by generating jobs for the community. Write a brief description of topic (3-4 lines). The project selected was to open a coffee shop in San Diego, California. The aim of the project is to provide self-employment to the owner, generate profits, and create jobs for the community. The coffee house seeks to service the community by creating location where people can come to relax, enjoy world class beverages, and have a good time.

The coffee shop will also offer pastries, cold beverages, meals, and free wireless internet. Project Rationale Form 1 – Part 2 (On this or a separate sheet of paper, present your rationale for choosing this topic. ) What about this project holds personal interest to you? (For example, for years you have wanted to have a small contracting business. Or, you have been frustrated with a particular manager.

Then, say more about this personal interest. ) I remember during one of first jobs how much I desired to be the person that made the decisions. The actions of my supervisors and superiors were at times associated with people that were incompetent. I realized at that time that the best way for me to achieve control of my working environment was by being my own boss. Starting your own business is one of the goals of any business student. The economic product of my business will generate tax income for the government. What is your business reason for pursuing this project?

My reason for pursuing this project is because I wanted a business idea that could be implemented easily in San Diego, California. I want the business activities of my enterprise to positively impact the world. My coffee shop will only purchase fair trade coffee. Fair trade coffee guarantees the farmers a price of at least $1.26 a pound which is twice the going rate for regular coffee. The actions of my supply chain will help reduce poverty worldwide. How will completing this project better prepare you for your work after you complete your degree?

This project will help me after graduation because it provide me with a business plan that can be implemented in the real world. One of my goals as a business student is to be able to establish their own business. As an entrepreneur I will be able to help out my community by generating jobs. The best way to fix the US economy is by creating more jobs. The project completed in this class helped me determine the viability of the coffee shop project.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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