Essays on External and Micro-Analysis Frameworks for Harley Davidson Case Study

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The paper "External and Micro-Analysis Frameworks for Harley Davidson" is a perfect example of a business case study. Harley Davidson requested the government under Section 201 escape clause and it adopted the safeguarding policy restricting the import of motorcycles with more than 700cc engine beginning April in 1983. This safeguard entailed a tariff-rate-quota in which other nations were able to export a specified amount of motorcycles without attracting extra tariff charges. This is known as protectionism. Economic Harley Davidson’ s success can be attributed to three things; management, marketing and manufacturing. When it comes to marketing, two main elements of brand knowledge are important; brand awareness and image.

Harley Davidson began with a training programme for its dealers which converted them from a ragtag group, catering helter-skelter to the needs of their clientele and without an established structure to complete outfits offering profession pre- and after-sales service, with specialised design centres able to customise bikes. The Harley Davidson culture came alive at these distribution points enhancing their relationship with clientele. Social The Harley Davidson brand does not only offer a transportation device, but also a lifestyle.

According to the Harley Davidson mission statement, there is more to them than just building, and selling motorcycles in order to realise the desires of clients; they try to give memorable experiences. These experiences may include socialising at the Harley-Davidson dealership, enjoying an early evening jaunt with local Harley Owners Group® or even conducting a cross-continental ride. They assert that the secret to the longevity of their brand and the passion it evokes in Harley owners is the very experiences that it offers. Harley Davidson has committed to creating those experiences and forging relationships with all stakeholders. Technological Harley Davidson has implemented up to date methods of manufacture which have assisted in the improvement of the quality of its brand.

At the start of the millennium, they were having problems meeting the demand for their bikes and customers had to wait up to six months for a bike. Environmental The Harley bikes have carved a niche in the super heavyweight category with all but one of its engines being over 850cc. The Harley Experience exemplifies bikes that are big, noisy, low riding, and macho.

These may not be very environmentally conscious attributes but the whole concept of the Harley Davidson is anti-politically correct and therein lies its appeal. Legal The company used its status as the only American motorcycle company in operation to lobby the government to institute legal means in order for them to gain a comparative advantage over competitors. This was done by implementing statutes that enable the government to impose tariff quotas on imported bikes.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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