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Idea Generation and Evaluation The firm in focus is FULL cycle founded back in 1999 as a marketing resource. It is a multi-disciplined company dealing majorly with marketing and communications. Its specialization lies with joining its client’s leadership, mission, target audience and stakeholders. The firm manages the processes, projects and tasks by helping client organizations sell, communicate, differentiate or position themselves within respective markets. The firm develops designs and produce trade shows, live meetings and special events with the aim of designing help for its clients and making their message available. Its guiding principles foster collaborative environments with the clients while recognizing the primary role within the communication of messages in the corporate sector within creative arenas.

The process model is developed and refined across the last decade to be relevant to the tasks touching many people (Fischer & Wermers, 2012). The expertise comes from the collective experience within the continents as well as with local small and multi-national entrepreneurial engagements. The innovative and creative expressions are featured across the front pages of the world’s prestigious publications and hence targeting relevant decision makers and customers.

Portfolio Range There are a number of business opportunities initiated towards gaining company goals. The first is the international environmental products. Under this, the marketing communications package focuses on acknowledging its expertise in environmental products with water relations. It also includes positioning and reinforcing the company as leaders within the industry and facilitating proactive operations against reactive. This includes gaining more control on business operations affecting the environment. The approach also feeds capitalization for the company while improving the overall profitability (Aragon & Ferson, 2007). The firm educates the executives into achieving a balance across corporate goals, water stakeholders and customers.

It enables gaining of recognition for employee contributions and corporate achievements. Secondly, the international public relations facilitation has a number of deliverables. Products offered allow for the completion of corporate message (external and internal), message bank, media training, online press room, photography, and communications and analysis audit. It also involves Press contact mechanisms and set-up of distribution, press releases and awareness campaign activities (media relations, government relations, press activities, local media awareness, speaking opportunities, and community relations opportunities) (Fischer & Wermers, 2012).

It also includes press kit, cooperative marketing, media relations, ongoing assessment, marketing and communications such as external and internal, live events such as branding, scheduling, publicity, and support materials development and future planning through investor relations kit, consumer push activities, and industry leadership events. The firm also has a medical practice product package. The marketing communications support focuses on grand opening events on business to consumer (B2C) basis. The program deliverables from this effort include press and marketing management. Press management includes fact sheet, background press release, media alert (post and pre event follow-up and placement) services press listing/release, story angle press releases, and bios development – critical staff (medical aestheticians, laser specialists dermatologist).

Marketing management includes finalizing websites, listing events on online event calendars like access Atlanta, Atlanta illustrated and Google local, and designing (graphics and copy) (Aragon & Ferson, 2007). It also includes gathering customer testimonials to use in press, designing and distributing email blast pre-event. It also involves DVD and video production through procedure demonstrations. Other activities include open house activities, post-event interviews and integration including selection of clients into website, and pre, post and onsite production such as décor and entertainment. The fourth product in the portfolio is the non-profit museum.

The program in this case includes retained marketing support as well as B2C Ecommerce integration. The program goals include overall management and content development for new web presence online, differentiating the firm from the competition. The management provides site owners with usable and valuable information for their site visitors, and integrating the ongoing e-commerce development for the firm.

This allows increased access to browsing, searching, viewing, purchasing and downloading of content. This also includes presenting professional and consistent images, Content DM to be consistent with the organizations’ online brand image. The techniques provide meaningful online interactions between organizations and their visitors, Engaging visitors and motivating them to “purchase” the firm’s offerings. It drives traffic to the site and marketing the organization, as well as online store and the overall e-commerce maintenance, implementation and design (Fischer & Wermers, 2012). The deliverables involved include developing and incorporating program site-wide banners, incorporating links into the sites as well as developing, implementing and managing cooperative marketing components.

It also allows for developing search engine optimization aspects through establishing Google Adwords plans. It also includes designing and implementing banners for sponsors to the web visitors and developing interactive web components in integrating performance to museum kiosks and establishing web content planning guide. The system allows for developing streaming and Flash video components for virtual tours, distance learning and interactive games as well as designing and integrating secondary pages focuses on browsing pages and their functionality, Advanced Search Page, General Search Page, Tabbed Support Pages.

This stretches to customizing Content DM Database regarding Ecommerce catalogue integration. Lastly, the final product offering in the portfolio is International ICT Management Company. This is a Special Event Marketing and Production component on a B2B basis whose goals include designing integrated field programs for events and supporting the corporate sales cycle. The deliverables for the efforts include marketing and production, designing such as graphics and copy in the post and pre event communications through saving the date, directing invitations, event-specific websites, mail postcards, event books and post-event follow-up as well as developing event themes.

It also includes developing event related graphics, producing Events such as turn-key to all staging, lighting, audio, speakers, visual and scenic aspects and creating user group conference for both potential and existing clients. This is instrumental in developing corporate golf tournaments, and coordinating with external vendors such as destination and hotels management companies (Aragon & Ferson, 2007). The approach allows for the execution of the overall site and content management to address elements of Graphic Design, Content Integration and Development.

It also includes the ContentDM Home Page as well as Landing Page Design having a critical layout matching the current website and e-commerce feel with the capabilities of Content DM programs. The element provides an Ongoing Support through Yearly SSL certificate Hosting, renewal, Security Audits and Cart Version Upgrades triggering optimal Maintenance Upgrades and Support for the Ongoing User Experience. In evaluating the business options, the firm is best suited in using a decision support system. The methodology evaluates each strategy with respect to the net present value of the cash flows in form of after-tax.

The measure is always in the long term while its short-term cash flow develops strategic implications. Risk considerations can be incorporated with respect to the model of capital asset pricing. The methodology explicitly makes consideration of the capacity expenditures, working capital, and marketing investment impacting the “experience” of revenues and costs within various time horizons (Fischer & Wermers, 2012). The strategy formulation is accomplished through the maximization of long-term profit with respect to the flow limit of short-term net cash. The maximization is repeated within various scopes of values in the flow limit of short-term cash.

The application of Generalized Lagrange Multiplier (GLM) allows for simultaneous optimization for the portfolio’s market shares as accomplished in an efficient manner through the varying maximizations. Even though, such functions maximizing the outcomes are not uni-modal, this proposed procedure will guarantee a global maximum firing. The limitations of this model as well as other extensions for minimizing the impact can be discussed as well. Lastly, this aspect of portfolio management strategy develops the focus on the best way of competing successfully in every line of business where the firm chooses to engage.

The major thrust is based on how to improve and build the portfolio’s competitive position within each of the business lines. A portfolio will generate competitive advantage in case it attracts customers and defends performance against any form of competitive forces than its competitors. Firms seek to develop competitive advantages that have a certain level of sustainability even though a typical approach to this is sustainability of competitive advantage as usual and dynamic component of firm works.

Successful competitive portfolio strategies involve the building of uniquely distinctive competencies in several areas critical to the success while using each of them in the maintenance of competitive edge above rivals. Examples of the distinctive competencies include superior product features and technology, better skills and manufacturing technology, superior distribution and sales capabilities, and better convenience and customer service. References Aragon, G. O., Ferson, W. E. (2007) Portfolio Performance Evaluation. New York: Now Publishers Inc. Fischer, B. R., Wermers, R., (2012) Performance Evaluation and Attribution of Security Portfolios.

New York: Academic Press.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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