Essays on The Internet Marketing of an Online Game Development Company Assignment

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The paper "The Internet Marketing of an Online Game Development Company" is a wonderful example of a term paper on marketing. The orientation of people towards the online gaming industry and using it as a portal to develop an interface with the customer by providing them the situation which they will face in the real life will ensure that customer experience enhances. This has made the organization develop portals and website which helps to improve customer satisfaction. A major factor contributing towards the growth of the online industry is that the technology has grown thereby enabling people to shift from the use of consoles to online games.

The online gaming industry helps the player by enhancing their experience as they feel that they are present themselves by making visuals in such a way that it gives a real feel. This has made people shift towards the industry and provides an opportunity for the defense industry as they can recruit defense personnel based on it. Purpose of the Report To identify the marketing plan for the online game industry especially for the armed forces who can use it as a portal to recruit defense personnel To identify the customer base for the gaming industry To draw a marketing strategy by designing the website in such a way that it helps the armed forces to recruit defense personnel by using it as a portal To present the different information that needs to be present on the website like address, phone numbers, helpline, past experiences of customers and other details To look into the aspect of a website by ensuring proper branding and color palette that will enhance customer experience and satisfaction Online Gaming Industry The development in technology has made rapid changes in the gaming industry as people are moving from the consoled to online games.

This provides opportunities for the different organizations like World of WarCraft to tap the wide potential the market has. This has also made the defense forces look towards designing portals which provides an interface similar to the one that any person joining the army would face. This has ensured that people are more prepared and the growth of different sites like Facebook has made it easy to look into the marketing aspect of the same (Online Games, 2011).

Playing games through an online mode has been very interactive and has ensured that the experience that people get enhances. The manner in which interactive online games have grown over the years provides ample opportunity for the defense forces to ensure that a portal is developed which helps to ensure better recruitment. The online gaming industry is witnessing a rapid growth rate as it has grown from $18 billion to $ 64 billion (Online Games, 2011) and is bound to move in the same direction.

This has ensured that the different players are able to use the different directives that the online gaming industry provides and use it to ensure better results for the future.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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