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The paper "Marketing Plan for Uniqlo Australia " is a great example of a marketing case study. The following plan outlines an integrated marketing communication campaign for Uniqlo Australia. Uniqlo is a leading Japanese multinational unisex causal wear stylist, manufacturer, and merchandising chain. The company recently opened new stores in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia (Fast Retailing n. d). Nonetheless, Uniqlo is still facing numerous challenges competing with global fashion giants and the inability to reach the target market in Australia. As a proposition, Uniqlo can effectively communicate to its consumers through an IMC campaign based on the superior functionality and high quality of their products and brands.

Uniqlo Australia requires an effective and engaging campaign to establish its brand an innovative-driven designer rather than a trend-driven designer (Hawthrone 2014). The campaign will focus on engaging target customers on numerous communication tools of integration. It will focus on traditional and non-traditional tools to offer coherence, consistency, and continuity as a long-lasting strategy to influencer marketing in Australia. The campaign will rely on traditional tools of integration including TV, Radio, and Print Media.

This will enable more consistency and continuity in terms of message and style as well as the desired action. Moreover, the campaign will utilize internet marketing and mobile marketing. Through the use of social media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google… etc. ), the campaign will enable convenient, inexpensive, and effective ways of communicating the quality and functionality of Uniqlo. Mobile marketing will offer a wider audience as smartphone use continues to grow significantly. Uniqlo is the new frontier in casual wear as they invest in innovation rather than trends. Through their innovative Life Wear brands, I believe that Uniqlo will change the concept of casual wear.

The campaign is significant in ensuring that the correct strategies, channels, and messages are communicated to the target market in the most effective manner. Uniqlo will be able to communicate the idea of innovation in casual wear through this IMC campaign. Integrated Marketing Campaign Today’ s world is more integrated than ever. The development of technology and the effects of globalization have made the world into one village. For businesses, this has resulted in numerous avenues of accessing the customer. Communication is no longer limited to geographies or time but integrated in all manner of technologies.

Integrated marketing communication is not a new idea or strategy. It surfaced around the late 1980s from the American Association of Advertising Agencies that defined IMC as a strategy or idea of attaining the goals of a marketing campaign using a well-coordinated use of diverse integration of promotional techniques that are aimed at reinforcing each other (Keller 2001). IMC is based on identifying the tactical roles of numerous communication disciplines such as public relations, advertising, and sales promotions among others.

These factors offer consistency, clarity, effectiveness, and continuity when integrated inside a wide-ranging communications plan. In simple terms, IMC is the use of consistent market or product messaging across different marketing channels including traditional and non-traditional methods. Nonetheless, IMC can be better understood by focusing on numerous ideas including media ecologies, networked publics, and the communication theory.


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