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The paper “ Marketing Tools of IMC - Creative Brand-Building Activities" is a persuading example of a case study on marketing. The concept of integrating marketing communication is being increasingly used by many firms. The process is, in essence, strategic integration of a variety of communication tools such as advertising, sales, promotion, personal selling, public relations, publicity, and direct marketing. Integrated marketing communication incorporates both customer and non-customer stakeholder groups. The most effective marketing communication process for sales-oriented organizations is an integrated plan designed to assure that all brand contacts received by a customer or prospect are relevant and consistent.

Advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing must work together as a unified force, rather than as autonomous, isolated entities. The goal is the creation of a sustained look and message in all marketing campaign elements and, ultimately, every point of contact for a customer, prospect, or the general public. A single look or message should permeate every planned and unplanned communication at every contact point where the customer or prospect may receive an impression of the company. Executive Summary: An integrated view of the process of marketing communications makes use of numerous communication tools-chief among them being the internet and aims to synchronize and coordinate communication.

One can state with a certain degree of certainty at the very beginning of the discussion that different company objectives must fit the overall strategy of the company to be successful. This means in essence that the marketing campaign should reflect the intrinsic belief and value system that the company is trying to promote since nowadays one does not ever market just the product, marketing happens for the brand- the name and the company itself.

Since it can be accepted that different company objectives would help in the generation of different benefits for the consumer, the structure, and the execution if the messages in the process of IMC assumes primary importance. The following report will seek to put forward certain issues that are related to the integrated communicating management and its related equation by putting forward certain perspectives. Tools of IMC1. Used for Brand Building-Movement away from traditional sectorsThe tools of integrated marketing communication would extend to include advertising, personal sales, public relations and its related activities, sale promotion, and direct response based promotions.

A number of these tools are representative of the movement away from traditional mass media advertising. This allocation of the communication budget is deeply connected to the appearance of and is a major part of IMC. The idea behind this particular form of allocation is the fact that tools of IMC are no longer just used for promotion but are now allocated to the overall process of brand building. this would mean that the purpose or the role of the tools of marketing has seen a shift from traditional functions to the function of brand building and customer connect build-up. The first observation is in relation to the status and the changing role of PR as a tool of brand building.

it is no longer just enough for PR to be just a tool for gaining publicity through coverage but it is essential to associate PR with the process of brand building for it to retain its importance. Young, (2007) states that, stated that PR was in the business of brand building.

“ We’ re in the brand image and reputation business. ” He further goes on to state that public relations today is potentially the most important cog in the marketing communications wheel. ”

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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