Essays on Implementing Change Management Process for Epic Video Case Study

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The paper "Implementing Change Management Process for Epic Video" is an outstanding example of a management case study. The change  management process involves the steps followed by teams and project leaders in applying change plan in order to bring about transition and meet the envisioned outcomes (Hornstein, 2008). Many factors trigger the need for change in an organisation. Organisational change entails a change of strategies, operations and structures for the purpose of boosting organisational effectiveness (Hornstein, 2008). Epic Video has undergone some challenges when it comes to centralizing its monitoring process. For this reason, there are some changes that need to be implemented in the company to ensure there is a smooth running of activities.

This report will highlight the change required and the technological requirements of the change initiative. It will also describe the change approach, the implementation strategy to be used by Epic Video and the review of the change process. Identification of the Change Epic Video has for a long time relied on the managers to make modifications to the database software in order to improve the ministering process.

This has reduced the amount of capital that would otherwise be used to hire software developers. However, the modifications done by these managers may have the potential to affect the operations of the company. Due to this reason, there is a need for change. The type of change required is system change that entails an effective way of modifying the database system to ensure that the owner and managers can centrally monitor activities in every store. There is a need for the operational modification of database software. This will be beneficial Epic Video as it will allow live reporting of each store.

For this change to be possible there are many transitions that need to take place in the company. For instance, there is a need for mind shift, organisational readiness and new ways of thinking. Technological Requirements The change needed by Epic Video is accompanied by various technological requirements that will satisfy the monitoring system (Hornstein, 2008). These include having a data collector as well as a CMS system. Data collectors enable the system to gather information from various servers which also takes care of collection groups which particularize the information to be collected.

It, therefore, conveys information to the central database known as Management Data Warehouse (MDW). These data collectors should offer a platform which gathers sets, as well as reports which can be customized in the need, arises (Hornstein, 2008). Furthermore, the system also requires a Databank Information System which will take care of observing, categorizing as well as storing whatever type of data which has the potential to be useful to the company. The kinds of data that might be analysed by such a system include the number of stores, average store size, production per store, total extension salary cost as well as other expenses for each store to name a few.

Another technological requirement includes Central Management Systems which allows one to run throughout the collection of circumstances for monitoring. The Change Approach In designing the change approach, Epic Video should identify the roles of the stakeholders, barriers of resistance and the roles of the change management teams. Epic Video should implement a change approach that will ensure there is a collaboration between change team, managers and change leaders.

Change approach should involve the identification of the resistance to change (Sirkin, Perry and Alan, 2005). Resistance to change in organisations is seen to occur as a result of personal experiences and evaluation with regard to the reliability of others. Normally, efforts are put to alter these factors for the purpose of wining support and overcoming resistance (Sirkin, Perry and Alan, 2005).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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