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The paper “ Trianon Company - Role of Human Resource Managers in Joint Venture” is a fascinating variant of the case study on human resources. There is an increased need for Human Resource specialists to meet international business orientation through their roles. The functions of HRM are acknowledged both in domestic and international business operations. The availability of a free business environment, the introduction of new technology, and reduced restrictions in the movement of labor more so in the European Union have facilitated international business operations (Harris, Brewster and Sparrow, 2003). International businesses comprise both the private sector and the government, who all depend on HRM for the success of their business endeavors.

Managers who work in the international environment are exposed to more challenges than those in the domestic environment. Human Resource managers are no exception, and making selection choices on whom to work in the international environment is a complex task (Aguilera and Dencker, 2004). The paper will analyze the issues presented in the case study with respect to international HRM, and how it is necessary for the success of international business operations. Factors in expatriate selectionAccording to Graf, (2004), the success of expatriate majorly depends on the selection process.

In fact, selection procedures that go beyond intercultural and technical skills are being encouraged. These selection procedures are, however, limited because of the scarcity of intercultural competencies required to perform international duties. An expatriate should be open to others and respect their ideas, so as a trusted relationship can be maintained among people. He or she should be sensitive to other peoples’ feelings and thoughts, and always be non-judgmental.

The person should also be technically competent (Harris, Brewster, and Sparrow, 2003). These and other factors should be considered by Alistair in selecting the best candidate among the three for the position of Quality Compliance Manager in their joint venture in Hungary.


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