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The paper “ Project Management of Music Festival” is a great version of a case study on management. Project management is an important concept that helps to accomplish the required goals and objectives. The project manager has the responsibility of mobilizing resources of the project and also motivates the team so that they can work as a team and achieve the desired goals and objectives (James 2006). The purpose of this paper is to discuss the management of music festival projects. Its venue is Victoria country. The expected audience is 12,000 people. 2.0 Project plan and approaches 2.1 Project resourcing planThe success of the project depends on the availability of resources.

Since the music festival takes three days, the project management team must put in place every measure to ensure that the project aim is achieved (James 2007). It is worth to note that the project manager plays a crucial role in mobilizing 12,300 chairs for the expected audience. Besides, the hall is hired in time, and the sitting arrangement made to ensure that the guests are not disappointed. In this regard, the table below shows the project resource plan for the music festival project. Project Phase Deliverables Resources Activities Duration Person involved Phase 1 Developing project objectives Human Resources Identifying the project scope Developing the goals and objectives of the project. Identifying the project theme. One month Project manager and the entire project management team. Phase 2 Planning the project Human Resources Accommodation facilities Chairs Equipment Public address equipment.

Finances. 12,300 chairs 10 speakers for sound projection. Prioritizing the project activities. Calculating the expected budget for the project. Scheduling and developing the project curriculum. Mobilizing the required resources. Two weeks Project manager Phase 3 Executing the project Human resource skills. Finances. Equipment. Allocating the resources appropriately. Communicating different roles and activities. Sharing project goals and objectives. Three days Project manager Phase 4 Controlling the project Human skills. Auditing skills. Finances. Equipment. Schedules. Checking the project status daily. Assessing the achievement of daily expectations. Check the project against the schedule. Three days Evaluation manager Phase 5 Closure Evaluation resource. Finances and equipment like computers. Post project evaluation. Compare the objectives against the schedule. Making project recommendations. One day Project management team. (Thomas 2010) 2.2 Risk management planThe following are the key risks expected in the project; Inadequate financial resources: It is anticipated that the music festival project management team might run a shortage of financial resources.

It is because of the changing economic conditions as well as the high number of attendance (Thomas 2010). For instance, the public address equipment might break down; thus the sounding system requires quick adjustment.

It requires financial resources, and if not available the festival might not meet its high standards. Inadequate accommodation facilities: It is another highly anticipated risk when implementing the project (Bjarne 2007). Previously, the crowd attending the festival is between 8,000 and 12,000. However, it is not possible to determine the exact number of attendants, but the project management team makes an assumption of hosting 12,000 visitors. Therefore, the management must put aside extra financial resources to cater for unseen emergencies like a high number of guests. Congestion on the roads: Because of the large number of people attending the ceremony, the hilly roads are likely to be congested.

In the process, it will be difficult for people to move from and to the venue and this is liable to delay some activities (David, & Roland 2006). Therefore, the management has a responsibility of ensuring that there is smooth traffic on the roads (Ralph 2007). Moreover, if the traffic is not managed properly as well as the congestion of people, it can lead to a stampede. Security risk: The high number of participants in the ceremony poses a safety hazard.

In recent years, acts of terrorism have increased globally, and most governments are trying to put in place measures to protect the lives of its citizens from terror attacks (Young-Hoon 2005). It is also important to understand that terror activities increase where there is a crowd of people. Therefore, the management must put in place adequate strategies to ensure everyone is safe. On the other hand, the following are the risk mitigation strategies the project management team has put in place to control the above-identified risks.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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