Essays on International Human Resource Management - IKEA Case Study

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The paper 'International Human Resource Management - IKEA" is a good example of a management case study. Globalization is characterized by the movement of goods and people across borders where some of these people choose to stay in foreign countries as residents. These people are referred to as expatriates and their numbers have continuously risen year in year out. The rise can be attributed to the employment opportunities in foreign countries, the allure of jobs and better pay and benefits being the main pull or push factors. The main facilitators of this trend are the development of transport and communications that have made the world more interconnected.

These technologies have eased the movement of goods and services especially long-distance travel technologies such as air and rail. Increased exchange of information due to improved communication technologies has allowed businesses and people to access information on foreign nations motivating them to move into these foreign countries to exploit the opportunities there. In the current business world, globalization is, therefore, inevitable, and if anything, it will continue to increase. The movement of people has come with its own set of advantages, disadvantages, and challenges.

Among the advantages is the dissemination of skills and technologies, as people move into these foreign countries they bring with them the knowledge and experience that they had acquired in their home countries. Businesses too are able to bring new goods and services into these foreign markets, with this they are able to expand their customer base and with it, their profits. The flow of foreign countries is able to facilitate the development of adopted countries and/or home countries depending on the situation.

Foreign countries are often the main objective of countries encouraging foreign investment, bolstered foreign reserves allow these countries to strengthen their export capabilities and currency as well. Foreign currency has also been known to motivate people to migrate to other countries and settle there. The strength of a currency can act as a pull factor for ex-pats, incidentally, some ex-pats prefer moving to countries with weaker currencies to increase the value of their own wealth.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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