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The paper "How Principles and Practices of Service Marketing Apply to Movies" is an outstanding example of marketing coursework.   Cinema is a theatre or place availed or prepared to offer the public film views at a fee. Cinema can also be defined as an act of availing movies to the public of viewing or watching. Cinema is a service which has given many individuals and organizations bus9ness around the globe. Cinemas are technological presentations which ensure members of the public get big screens views. In most cases, cinemas have well-arranged programs which allow viewers to choose movies or films of their choice.

Movies are services like any other services this implies that their smooth operation must entail effective marketing. Service Marketing Most of the world economies are nowadays characterized by the service industry. This is because of the role service industry has played in the developed and developing economies. The strength of an economy can be measured by the success of the service industry in a country. Movies form part of the services which bring good business across the globe. Movies have moved from the routine entertainment to educative and communication of key messages to the community.

In some cases, movies have been used for empowerment at various age groups. This has made services to become an integral part of products in the market (Shanker 2002). Most countries are concentrating on improving their economies by concentrating on service industries which bring more returns to the government and ensure that the public is satisfied. This is mostly through the education and health sector which are the most important for a country to achieve meaningful development.

The movie as one of the services within the economy is also coming in to promote these other service sectors. For example, movies are widely used in the education sector for relaying key information, the health sector also uses movies to engage the public on a number of health educations. It is also important for the movie business to understand the importance of customers’ value in business. Most service providers usually fail for failing to put into consideration the importance of customers to a business and this has contributed to their slow growth and some of them even losing competitive advantage in the market.

The quality of services offered by the customers determines the success of a business because it contributes to shaping a business reputation. However, businesses should try to balance the cost incurred in providing benefits to the public and the benefits derived from the response of the customer toward the good or the service. A business cannot risk providing better services to their customers without meaningful returns because it will lead to huge loses. In this case, it is important for a business to involve customers in making decisions regarding the services to be offered and their views must be considered (Schultz & Doerr 2009).

This is done in order for firms in the market to avoid making investment decisions that have no returns in future. Customers are the most important component of a business transaction and their needs must be catered for. This is possible through the offering of better services and improving the relationship between the businesses its customers. The health care industry is one of the most competitive industries and its success depends on the services they offer to their customers.

The quality of service offered in the healthcare industry is similar and therefore the receipt of the value that this sector offers will determine the demand for the services. If customers appreciate the services offered by institutions then, customer loyalty is set to be achieved. Customer loyalty is the most important aspect of business today because businesses usually derive most of their benefits from loyal customers. Loyal customers have more impact on business more than those with divided loyalty between different firms offering similar products.

Since services have become an integral part of the countries’ economies, businesses in international trade have now shifted to improving the services they offer in order to gain a competitive advantage in the international market. Therefore, the success of a firm in the international operation is greatly determined by the services the firm offers to its customers.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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