Essays on Information Management - Etihad Airways Assignment

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The paper "Information Management - Etihad Airways " is a good example of a business assignment. The new system which is to be placed in Etihad Airways will look towards increasing the level of service which will help the travelers to be better satisfied. The objective of the change is to ensure that better facilities are developed through which commuters travelling via Etihad Airways are able to enhance their experience which will help the airline to have a pool of loyal customers at the same time ensure consistency in service delivery standards.

The new system proposes the uses of technology in an advanced form as it will help to understand the wants and requirements of the commuters and based on it the basic facilities like newspaper/magazines, food menu and duty-free magazines and the working on the screens on which viewers can watch movie of their choice can be improved. The use of the new process will help to ensure that the time which customers have to spend on deciding the magazines, food and other products and services which they want can be minimized.

It will also reduce the chances of rejection of a particular service as commuters are asked in advance about their preference. This will ensure that the flight has the necessary arrangements and will also ensure that Etihad Airways doesn’ t have to carry more stuff than required which is an additional cost for the airlines. This will thereby act two ways as it will ensure that customers are provided with what they want and the airline has the required time to prepare for the necessary arrangements through which better services can be provided. Further, the chances of making the new system operational are very simple and will require some technological changes through which the necessary arrangements can be made.

Ensuring prior communication from the commuters through their website and ticket will ensure authenticity and will provide the required time to make the necessary arrangements. In addition to it providing customers with an additional facility where they can watch a movie by carrying it on an external drive on the screen before them doesn’ t require many changes to be made and slight changes in the technology will make the entire process look feasible.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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