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Finance and Accounting After graduating as a finance and business it is advisable to look for jobs in young financial firms. The reason for this lies in the fact that young firms play a central role in job creation as they invest in innovation and the steady growth of its institutions. With such ambitions and postulation of future development and growth in business circles, new firms are in constant need of fresh minds and talents that can be easily sourced from graduating students. Owing to the recent advancement in technology and ever-changing market dynamics, many young financial firms are investing in a labor force that can adapt to these changes in a very responsive manner and hence give the fresh graduates higher chances of landing jobs.

On the other hand, finding a job in such organizations gives an individual the opportunity to practice their professional careers and espouses advancement in their professional portfolio to higher occupational levels (Dane & Paul 43). An already established firm provides very limited chances for employment and subsequent growth owing to the already established structures with a sufficiently experienced human resource.

Such firms have minimal need for aggravated growth, development and expansion plans hence no bears no future for the young graduates (Dane & Paul 43). One such firm in the financial business sector is Ingo Money, Inc. ; a leading innovator in risk management, the management of funds in the form of mobile deposits and money transfer services. The founder of this company is Drew Edwards, whose main objective of setting up this organization was essential in filling a gap in the market domain by availing a convenient source of recurring funds for a wide array of payment platform that makes use of new digital payment.

Drew founded the company about 12 years ago; before then, he was the chairman and chief executive officer of Towne Services, Inc. where he made remarkable contribution to the organization while employing an efficient leadership strategy. He has also served in different management positions with the Federal Reserve Bank and the Bankers Bank in Atlanta and skylight financial. Having worked in the banking industry for over a decade, Drew saw the need to provide a new platform for innovative minds in the market and came up with a solution through Ingo Money- the only technology solution of its kind in the market domain. Bruce Zagaris attributed Ingo Money to a viable business venture owing to the high positive feedback and reception in the market.

The firm is performing exceedingly well as demonstrated by the millions of subscribers using their technology to access funds from bank branches, ATMs, mobile devices and alternative financial services. Owing to the feasibility aspect of the business venture as projected by the market trends, Ingo Money Inc.

provides a perfect case example of a firm with a great potential and capacity to grow and be established at the helm of the industry for a long time to come (Zagaris 102). The organization has for a long time relied on creativity and innovation capabilities on its programs to remain relevant in the market (Roy & Gayle 180). It is in essence an inevitable strategy for the firm owing to the dynamic nature of the industry. For this reason, the company needs to employ the services of fresh innovative minds to come up with new software programs that can be integrated into mobile applications to keep up with the new trends in the market.

Graduates getting opportunities to work with such vibrant firms in the industry are guaranteed of sharpening their skills and gaining expansive technical and professional skills that are crucial in the course of gaining experience and establishing their careers (Roy & Gayle 180). In summation, it is quite essential for graduates to be keen when selecting the firms that they would like to work for as this will determine how fast one is able to rise in the corporate ladder and be an accomplished profession in their various fields of specialty.

The need to secure the right firm is even much higher for individuals in competitive fields such as finance and business as one stands the risk of stagnating in one position if they get themselves in uncompetitive, less vibrant firms in the business sector. Works cited Bruce, Zagaris. Handbook of International Management. London: Cambridge University Press, 2010. Print. Dane, Stangier & Paul, Kedrosky.

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