Essays on Innovation and Creativity in Apple Inc Case Study

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The paper “ Innovation and Creativity in Apple Inc" is a   convincing example of a case study on business. Apple Inc. is an American technology firm that manufactures and sells computers and smartphones. Apple Inc. has been in existence for some time and it has been seen as a very creative firm in many regards. The firm was started by Steve Jobs and his friend Steve Wozniak. In its early years, the firm was only involved in the manufacture of personal computers, at a time when the personal computer was almost unheard of.

In fact, the firm has been credited for being the pioneer of personal computers because before its fist personal computers, there were no personal computers and there were only server computers that were very big and so expensive that only large institutions could afford them. Apple Inc. is very creative in many ways. The first are of creativity is in its products. The firm has a range of very creative and innovative products. A good example is its smartphones. Apple’ s smartphones, commonly known as iPhones have been the best iPhones in the world.

Not only was Apple Inc. the pioneer of smartphones but these smartphones have remained to be the world-leading smartphones (Davila, 2012). Maintaining itself as the world’ s number one vendor of smartphones is not an accident; it is something that has depended mostly on its creativity. The firm’ s products have always been very creative and forward-looking. Apple Inc. was the first technology firm to realize that serving a technology market is about being proactive and giving the customers what they don’ t even know they need (Abraham, 2013). With the inception of its first smartphone, it delivered to the market a product that nobody had ever anticipated.

The product was well received and many users liked it. The creativity of the firm’ s products can also be seen in its first product, a personal desktop computer. In the mid-70s, computers were for very educated people, and the owner was only left for big organizations such as the university, government institution and big companies (Philip, 2014). Computer manufactures at the time only manufactured for this market. Apple Inc. was the first to realize that the computer can be made personal and this computer can be owned and used by everyday people.

In line with this vision, they did not just create a small affordable computer but also created software that would make the uses of the computer easy and intuitive. With this came the first graphical user interface. Prior to this, only highly educated and trained people would be able to use computers because using a computer even for a simple task such as adding two numbers required some computer programming skills.

This is because the computers used a command like instruction as a way to give instruction to the computers. Wring these commands on the computer text-based interface was no easy thing, especially for those who were not computer savvy. Apple Inc. was the first to introduce the graphical user interface and the others followed suit in making this happen. At the same time, other computer manufacturers also started manufacturing personal computers. However, Apple Inc. with this creativity had already set the pace and was to act as the continuous trailblazer in the technology growth trajectory in the world. Human Resource PolicyThe other way in which Apple Inc.

can be said to be very creative is by its human resources. Apple Inc. is among the minority firms around the world that have a human resource that is structured (Ashok, 2013). This helps the firm to improve creativity and innovation. In Apple Inc. , every employee has a say and they can contribute to the ideas of the firm (Maxwel, 2014). This becomes effective when the firm does not use a hierarchical human resource structure.

The firm uses a flat structure and everyone, right from the CEO to the lowest employees are given the chance to contribute. Instead of the CEO being an unreachable boss who works from the corner office, he is a very reachable person. Although this might look like a simplistic solution, it motivates the employees to be very creative and innovative. In fact, the firm is said to have gained its creatively of its products by this because the employees could be able to provide for a way to make the firm have creative products (Moses, 2014). Price skimmingThe market strategy for Apple Inc.

is also another evidence for its creativity. For instance, the firm is the only major phone manufacturer that only deals with smartphones and does not manufacture the low-end feature phones. Most other firms such as Samsung and Nokia manufacture both smartphones and feature phones for the low-end market. Apart from not manufacturing the low-end phones, Apple Inc. also concentrates on high-end smartphones. This makes it possible for the firm to be able to access the high-end market.

The firm announces its new smartphone a few months away before it launches it. This allows for market price skimming. While those who are willing to pay for the expensive latest iPhones can buy them, the lower end market is not able to access the previous versions (Basulto, 2013). This kind of market price skimming is so relevant for a technology firm like Apple Inc. It is necessary to note that even other smartphone manufacturers have also copied this creative marketing method, however, they have not done it as well as Apple Inc.

has been able to do it. ProductionApple was also one of the first firms to realize the importance of exporting its labor so as to experience the advantage of cheap and affordable labor in developing countries (Morris, 2012). Apple Inc. structures its manufacturing and packaging such that it has the best fit for its labor and market. This makes the firm to be able to save on labor costs as well as on shipping costs. As a result, the firm is not only able to reduce its operational costs but is also able to optimize the way it is able to aces the raw materials and this gives a strategic edge over its competitors.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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