Essays on Marketing Communication Mix - a Focus on the Emirates Airlines Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Communication Mix - a Focus on Emirates Airlines" is a perfect example of a marketing case study.   Emirates airline is an airline company. It is a subsidiary of the emirates group. Its key area of focus is air travel. The ownership of the company is held by the government of the United Arab Emirates. The company has its headquarters located in the world-renowned city of Dubai. The company was founded back in the year 1985. During the dame year of its launching, it commenced its operations. This was in the month of October the 25th.

Over the years it has been in operation, it has achieved much in the development process. This has through the putting in place of successful advertising campaigns that are all aimed at the passing of information about the company to the outside world. A good indicator of this is the increase in the number of flights and the destinations that the planes of the company visit each day. Currently, the company has a fleet of 221 planes which are all functional and in full service.

The company also has achieved to have 142 destinations in the world for its planes. This achievement has made it a global force to reckon with in the airline industry. The airlines also have achieved to make a record high 3400 flights per week in their destinations (Halpern and Graham, 2013). It has also made its presence felt in over 78 countries across the world. This has made it make great returns from its activities globally. Its recognition can also not be termed as in the Middle East alone but rather in the whole of the continent.

The company has also witnessed an influx in the number of customers that are putting to use its services. The increase is consistent and it denotes a continued growth and development. As by the year ended on 31st March 2014, the company had transported close to a total of 45 million passengers in its airline. This was a massive increase from the figures that had been recorded in the previous year. This is because the number as by the end of March 2013, read at close to 39 million.

All these are the fruits of putting in place of successful marketing mix strategies. The profits therefore that were made were also massive. Currently, the airline is the largest international carrier in the world. It is also the seventh-largest airline in the world in terms of the revenue that it makes from its operations. Advertising by the company – use of slogans The main reason that can be attributed to the continued growth and development of the company is putting in place of a successful marketing campaign.

The company has put into full use promotional mix strategies. They are all aimed at seeing to it that the company achieves the most in terms of revenues. The strategies that have been put into full use by the company include advertising, personal selling, direct marketing, sales promotion and publicity. Through this, the company is well able to sell itself to the world at large. The ever-soaring number of employees and the customers are just but a few indicators of this. By the end of the year 2011, the company had a little fewer than 39000 employees.

These were the employees who were involved in the daily activities of the company. They included flight attendants, pilots, engineers, flight deck crew, tour operators and cabin crew among many others.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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