Essays on Team Development in The Philips Company, Abu Dhabi National Bank, and Bukan Munitions Systems Case Study

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The paper “ Team Development in The Philips Company, Abu Dhabi National Bank, and Bukan Munitions Systems” is an inspiring example of the case study on human resources. This report is a focus on developing and increasing innovation and team management in the UAE market In this regard, its key motivation is the growing government pressure and concern for an organization to increase their innovation levels, as a tool for increasing the market global status. Thus, the report establishes a wide literature pool on principles and models affecting team integration as a preliminary approach to developing innovative teams in the market.

Among the discussed team integration factors include leadership, team development, and communication and culture. In order to develop a practical demonstration of successful cases of innovative team management and integration in the UAE, the report evaluates three distinct cases. All form organizations serving the UAE market as a basis for ensuring relevance. Thus, the report analyzes the cases of The Research Philips Company, the Abu Dhabi National Bank, and the Bukan Munitions Systems Company respectively. A critical cross-case analysis, review of them establishes that the Research Philips case demonstrate efficiency in team performance evaluation criteria developed through evaluating the number of innovative new product ideas by the team adopted by the organizations. However, it established that while its democratic leadership approach reduced the team members’ motivation the other two case studies exhibited success.

In this case, both the Abu Dhabi National Bank, and the Bukan Munitions Systems Company applied the participative leadership approach that empowered employees through active and absolute decision-making powers. However, their inter-organizational status and failure to establish a shared communication center exposed them to failure.

Consequently, the report concludes that the above UAE Company examples serve to illustrate that although team management and integration, innovation in the region could be guaranteed. Thus, it concludes by offering improvement recommendations both to the listed three organizations and external ventures intending to use teams in the future.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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