Essays on Change and Stress Management at HIA Assignment

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The paper "Change and Stress Management at HIA" is a perfect example of a management assignment.   The optimum goal of any organization is to maximize profits. The management of the organization implements appropriate strategies so as to ensure that they meet the set goals and objectives. One of the strategies applied by most firms is performance evaluation. This is guided by the principle of zero tolerance to lack of conformity to the set standards. This ensures that quality is maintained in all the undertakings of the organization. This is because of the rising competition in today’ s world.

Managers have, therefore, adopted the culture of performance evaluation so as to come up with the best quality products in the market. The strategy is also crucial in attaining competitive advantage (Cooper, 1998). Studies have shown that employees tend to juggle all other objectives in a bid to reach particular targets. Therefore, it is extremely important that companies adapt performance assessment systems that allow for the attainment of the organizational goals and objectives. It is crucial to enhance balanced scorecards. This forms the basis of promotions within the organizations.

Irrespective of the number of years that an employee has been working with the organization, most companies tend to promote employees on the basis of performance evaluation. HIA has not been left behind in the implementation of the performance evaluation system. It was on this basis that Melinda was promoted from being the secretary to the executive director to being the executive support manager. This was despite the fact that she had only been working with the company for a period of two years. This did not augur well with Deborah, the office manager, who had been in employment for a period of 15 years.

The main reason for her disapproval of Melinda’ s new [position was the fact that she had to work in accordance with the set rules and regulations of the company. Moreover, she was now answerable to Melinda for any behavior contradicting these rules. I think that she was angry with Melinda because she could no longer work in the way that she pleased. She understood that with Melinda’ s new position as the executive support manager, she had to follow her directions as was expected of all Melinda’ s juniors.

She also felt that Melinda did not deserve that position since she (Deborah) had worked with the company for a longer time than Melinda. Deborah’ s actions toward Melinda were not justified. This is because Melinda was only performing her managerial and leadership roles. Leadership and management may appear to have the same meaning, but this is not the case. For effective management, one requires leadership skills in order to gain confidence and trust from the people served. As the proverbs go, unity is strength” , the same applies to people working together in achieving the same goal.

A good and successful leader should also be decisive in his entire decision-making process. This goes hand in hand with self-confidence even in the most difficult situations. This helps to instil confidence in the subordinates even when things are tough. A leader should also exercise humility and should occasionally take some time off to socialize with his followers in order to maintain a good working relationship with them. Therefore, Melinda only hoped to act in a manner in which she became a good leader and an effective manager.

This implies that Deborah was in no way justified to behave in the manner that she did.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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