Essays on Interactive and Internet Marketing: Napster Brand of Products Case Study

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The paper "Interactive and Internet Marketing: Napster Brand of Products" is a perfect example of a case study on marketing. The Napster case study is a real testimony on how technology can actually change the sale output of the business strategies. This is so given the fact that the old Napster was really running at a loss due to the low revenues it was generating. The low revenue generated was as a result of the law enforcement officers to stop Napster from more production. Napster had to comply with the regulation of not producing copyrighted materials.

It is a normal offense to produce copyrighted music; this can only be allowed only if the original producer of the music gives the go-ahead to do so. In addition to the issue of copyright, other music production companies had employed the high technology of online music production, thus the new Napster had to employ the same. In this case, the employment of effective modes of producing the music led to the new Napster gaining ground in the production as it would, therefore, produce cheaply and of high quality.

In the case again, the Napster strategy also improved on its ways of marketing its product which made it to the realization of an increase in the customer base. it employed the necessary online advertisement which was then reaching a wider number of customers. It is therefore important to note that technology played a major role in shaping the new business strategy of the new Napster. Introduction The original Napster was at the outset created amid 1998 as well as 1999 with 19 years aged known as Shawn Fanning.

This original Napster which was facing several challenges as in the line of doing its business was already obsolete. This was made even worse by the fact that the music producing companies were doing it through the online mode. This was, therefore, forcing this original Napster to be revived so as to fit in the current method of doing the same business so that high revenues could be realized. The new Napster, therefore, had to come in place to make sure that it becomes at per with the potential competitors.

This was why the new Napster had to employ the online music technology in which improved on the volume of sales and the revenue also shot up. The quality of the music produced also immensely improved thus winning consumer confidence. New Napster in 2008 The new Napster case study gains a lot of momentum in the year 2008. at this juncture, the older version had passed under several changes to make to the objective of increasing the revenue output and to effectively compete with other major players in the same line of production.

By this year 830,000 users in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom paid in the tune of £ 14.95 each month to gain admittance to about 1.5 million songs. After realizing successful trade and customer base, The Company was seeking to initiate in extra countries such as Japan in the form of partnerships.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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