Essays on SWOT Analysis for Facebook Inc Case Study

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The paper “ SWOT Analysis for Facebook Inc ” is a forceful variant of the case study on management. Facebook is a social network corporation operating online services with headquarters at Menlo Park, California. On February 4, 2004, the company launched its website by its founder Mark Zuckerberg together with college mates at Harvard College namely Eduardo Severin, Andrew McCollum. The other founders were Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. At first, the founders initiated a limited website that was only focused on the Harvard students but later was expanded to other colleges in the Boston area that is Stanford University and Ivy League.

The Facebook services got support from the students at various colleges and high school students. Two years later after launching Facebook services, the company allowed at least 13 years old students to have a chance to register and to use the website. The required age of registering on the website varied from different states and countries depending on the applicability of the local law. According to the process of registering to the site, the users were provided with a platform for creating the user profile, posting and updating posts and photos, sharing videos, and adding other users to other services.

The website provided more avenues for registering and joining user groups that are organized according to their functions and categories. Finally, users are provided with a chance of complaining and blocking unpleasant users depending on your relationship. By August 2015, the company had monthly active users amounting to 1.59 billion around the globe. This concern of a high number of active users, the company, has been regularly scrutinizing their privacy policies.

The company induced IPO, Initial Public Offering, in February 2012 through selling the stock where it raised 104 billion dollars within a period of three months. Due to increased technology, there are major competitors of Facebook in social network services such as Tweeter, WhatsApp, and Instagram among other services. These social media provides similar services such as Facebook and hence providing competition (Kelsey, 2010). The major market targets are people from 12 years and above.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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