Essays on International Markets of Canada, Australia and the UK Case Study

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The paper "International Markets of Canada, Australia and the UK " is a good example of a business case study.   As our company expands into the international markets, we need to find locations where our products will be accepted as readily as they are in the local arenas. Towards this purpose, the identification and analysis of three countries are important since they can act as pilot projects for all our business systems before we can venture out into other regions of the world (Levy and Powell, 1998). The countries which are similar to America in terms of the legal, cultural and economic environment would receive our products most favorably (Bartlett & Ghoshal, 1998) therefore the nations of Canada, Australia and the UK are at the top of the expansion list. Canada Being our old ally and neighbour, Canada is particularly important for America as a trade and resource partner and there are quite a few similarities in terms of laws, the environment and business processes which connect the two countries.

In terms of size, it is the world's second-biggest country with regard to the governed area and it stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

The country was founded like America as a set of British colonies but it only gained full independence from the UK with a peaceful incremental process that started in 1867 and ended in 1982 with full independence (Statistics Canada, 2007). Unlike America, Canada is a federal constitutional monarchy which is ruled by the Queen of England but it also a parliamentary system of democracy. Culturally, Canada is a bilingual country since a significant population speaks French therefore both French and English are official languages (Statistics Canada, 2007).

In terms of doing business, it might be useful for us to have a French speaker or two if we really want to sell our products to the French-speaking regions of the country. However, the advantage of doing business in Canada comes from its technological base and high standard of living as well as high support from the government for the health system which should put our products in a positive light (UNDP, 2007). The diversity in Canada, added to the sense of social responsibility makes it more likely that our products would be used by a diverse market which will also let us know if there are any modifications or adjustments which we need to make before we launch into other countries of the world. Politically, the country is stable and there should be no problems in political terms for getting our products into the country or getting money transfers out of the country.

Of course, the taxation structure in Canada is different from the American system therefore before we establish our set up in Canada it would be best to get a consultation from international tax advisors so as to best set up the company (Statistics Canada, 2007).

One significant problem which we might have in Canada is the system of measurements which is a reflection of the technological and sociological factors in Canada since the metric system is the primary system for the country. Our product manuals and information guidelines which are currently using the British system may need to be reprinted in English and in French using the metric system for products that are sent to Canada.

However, despite some changes required to the packaging and the supporting information, it does not seem likely that we will have to change our safety standards or even bring significant changes to the products themselves.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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