Essays on International Business and Global Change: Electric Powered Cars Case Study

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The paper "International Business and Global Change: Electric Powered Cars" is a great example of a case study on business. Select A Consumer Good Or Service There has been international tussles, wars between one country and the other, the formation of groups against groups, and unfortunately, the death that comes with such atrocities, all in the name of oil. As America marks over one year of loss from the Mexican oil spill by the BP company, we come with the solution to all these problems; the electric vehicle. Fuel consumption in the world is the largest consumer of the oil products, constituting over 80% of the oil/ fuel consumed each day (Acemoglu et al.

2006); thus such a large demand for fuel. For instance, the United States of America consumes 20, 700, 000 barrels of oil per day (bbl/day), and in a total of over 213 countries counts to 86, 000, 000 bbl/day, a weighted average of 400,000 bbl/day. This notwithstanding, the automobile fuel/gasoline price has continuously been escalating, leaving the consumers with no option rather than pushed to the walls to reach fuel their cars.

This just indicates the aggregate dependence of automobile fuel both to drive the economy and worth defending or going for at all costs (Aghion et al. 2005 p. 716). We are, therefore, pleased to announce the best alternative for our problem, the use of electric vehicles in our market. An electric vehicle works on the concept of the use of electricity (electric charge), by which, the battery in the vehicle is plugged in before use, with the electric charge which will be used to drive the automobile.

The electric charge injected in the battery will depend on the capacity of the batteries in terms of charge and voltage. The charges will dictate the distance traveled. However, on average, a normal electric car is designed to take over five hundred hours when fully charged. In an attempt to bring down the consumers’ large budget on fuel, and the problems associated with the fluctuations in automobile fuels, Eco motion is committed to seeing to it that it gives its customers the noble opportunity of using the electric vehicle at an affordable price.

Eco motion is also aware of the extensive diversity of its customers, and will offer both pure electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles to the market (can use both fuel and electricity).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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