Essays on International Business and Globalisation - Etihad Airways Case Study

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The paper "International Business and Globalisation - Etihad Airways " is a perfect example of a business case study. Etihad Airways is the leading Airline in the UAE since its establishment in 2003 (Pederson 93). It is the national airline of the United Arab Emirates and the fast-growing airline company worldwide always seeking to expand its market base. This report aims at examining the current services and products offered by Etihad Airways, its geographical market and the marketing position of its potential entry into the India Aviation industry. The report will detail out the suitability of India as a potential market for Etihad Airways taking into consideration 10 suitability factors and the score of each factor.

In addition, the paper will also formulate a marketing mix that would be used by Etihad in the Indian market and the Human Resource Management staffing policy the company should use in the new market. Moreover, the report will highlight the market entry strategies used by the company considering the advantages and disadvantages of each and establishing the suitable entry mode to be used by Etihad in entering the Indian market.

This report is written with an aim of providing a market entry analysis that can be used by Etihad when entering into the Indian market. Company Background Etihad Airways stands out as the leading Airline in UAE and has its headquarter at Abu Dhabi (Pederson 90). The airline operates by means of travel agents who act as their sales agents in more than 42 countries globally. Currently, the airline serves an international market of over 64 destinations around the world. Markets served by Etihad Airways include North America, Europe, South Africa, South Asian countries, Australia, Africa to name a few.

On average, Etihad operates around 147 flights daily and over 1,032 flights weekly (Etihad Airways 1). The airline has about 54 aircraft and has shared agreement with 23 global airlines as a means of building its global network. The main business of Etihad Airways is to carry out international transportation of passengers.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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