Essays on How Moonglow Can Manage to Maintain Its Eco-Friendly Operations Internationally Case Study

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The paper "How Moonglow Can Manage to Maintain Its “ Eco-Friendly” Operations Internationally? " is a great example of a case study on business. Environmental protection is a subject of concern everywhere in the world.   People all over the world realized that it is difficult for the environment to survive longer periods if we continue our environment destruction activities in the present rate. “ Entrepreneurs, already at the forefront of the environmental revolution with the products they sell, also are proving to be leaders of a less visible but equally powerful trend: the transformation of their companies into lean, green operations” (Barette, 2009).

Sustainable development is a slogan implemented in business strategies by many of the organizations. Moonglow is one such organization, which is ready to invest a substantial portion of its profits for the rebuilding process of the environment. Moonglow is currently trying to expand its eco-friendly business to Europe and other parts of the world. It may not be easy for Moonglow to manage its eco-friendly business internationally. “ Green energy is renewable and sustainable. It is renewable because it is not depleted easily and is naturally replenished.

Green Energy is sustainable because no matter how recklessly we use these resources the future generation is not likely to suffer because of that! ” (Green energy, n.d. ). Wave power, tidal power, wind power, and solar power are some of the green energy sources available in this world. An energy crisis is a major problem everywhere in the world. The majority of the available energy sources such as hydroelectric power, nuclear power, thermoelectric power, etc are causing harm to the environment in one way or another.

Moonglow should think about the utilization of green energy sources for its energy needs in overseas countries. Solar power utilization seems to be a feasible option for the energy needs of Moonglow for its operations in overseas countries since solar power is abundant everywhere in the world. So, Moonglow should invest more in the exploitation of solar energy as the first step for its international operations.   The packaging of dairy products without plastic materials seems to be a daunting task for Moonglow. No material can provide the same convenience offered by the plastic containers as far as the packaging of dairy products is concerned.

It is going to be a difficult task for Moonglow to find out eco-friendly packaging materials in overseas countries. It is better for Moonglow to concentrate on bio-plastic materials for the packaging of its dairy products in overseas countries. Bio-plastic is environment-friendly compared to normal plastic since its material not originated from petroleum. Moonglo should follow the 3R’ s (reduce, reuse and recycle) of environment protection principles strictly in its international operations.   To conclude, Moonglow should practice sustainable business strategies in overseas countries for the successful selling of its dairy products internationally.

They should utilize green energy sources available in overseas countries for their energy needs. Moreover, they should use environmentally friendly packing materials for the packing of dairy products. The three R’ s (reduce, reuse, recycle) of environmental protection activities should be implemented strictly in overseas countries.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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