Essays on International Human Resource at the USAs McDonalds Case Study

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The paper 'International Human Resource at the USA’ s McDonald’ s" is a good example of a human resources case study. The fast-food  industry is one of the dominating industries all over the world. Notably, over the past decades, the industry has rapidly grown in all the aspects (Royle, & Towers, 2002). For example, services have immensely changed from the simple traditional dishes to a variety of delicious meals appearing on the menu. This is as a result of integration and interaction between different people with different cultures and way of life.

Consequently, the fast-food industry has become a “ global industry. ” The most remarkable fast food restaurant to introduce their services across nations is the USA’ s McDonald’ s. This integration with different cultures has brought about the issue of international human resource management. With the challenges facing both global and local markets, the employees’ relation is not only affected but also neglected. On its own, employee relations is considered an important aspect of HRM with the main concern being on the welfare of employees through policy implementation and/or employees trade unions (Armstrong, 2000). This paper, therefore, looks at the differences and similarities of different factors that focus on labor relations not locally but globally (Royle, & Towers, 2002).

In particular, the paper will evaluate and analyze the global fast food industry by focusing on three countries i. e. Singapore, United States, and Germany. To achieve this, it is important to evaluate how McDonald’ s has been able to apply or regulate human resource management with different industrial relations across nations. It will also look at political, economic, innovation, and technology which can positively or negatively affect the general performance of the corporation.

It will also focus on the issues to do with regulations and laws among the three countries which in one way or another are concerned with trade unions. We focus on trade unions because they are the main contributors to defending the workers’ rights. It is also noted that trade unions are the success factor in the global fast-food industry (Royle, & Towers, 2002). Discussion McDonald’ s has moved into the two countries from the USA and it is being taken as one of the leading fast-food restaurant in Germany (Royle, 2002).

Hence it can be argued that McDonald’ s Germany has interacted well with culture, politics and policies of that nation-Germany. However, the interactions connote more challenges in terms of labor relations. On the other hand, Singapore interacts in terms of economic aspects hence one of the potential market holders of McDonald’ s (Pereira, 2002). In all three countries, McDonald’ s as a fast-food restaurant has been considered as one of the friendliest industries to their workers (Armstrong, 2000). As taken from definition, labor union is the relationship of employees which caters for the social status and condition of its members by using group effort.

It is aimed at negotiating with employers and government about issues that affect employees such as working conditions, wages, salary, benefits and contracts. For the three countries (Germany, Singapore, and United States), they have implemented well the issue of benefits of employment since the human resource is taken as the ultimate important resource for any company as well the economy.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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