Essays on Cultural Profiles of Canada and Norway Assignment

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The paper "Cultural Profiles of Canada and Norway" is a perfect example of a management assignment. General Electric Co. is the largest private-sector employer globally. The company has a total of 307,000 employees of which 135,000 are foreign. This gives a foreign employee percentage of 43.97%. BHP Billiton Group Ltd is the highest-ranked Australian firm. The firm employs a total of 49 496 people. The united states dominate the list with a total of 20 corporations. Online question 2 Cultural Profiles of Canada Power distance Power distance entails the fact that all the people in societies are not equal.

It can as well be stated that it is the extent to which members that are of doesn’ t have any influence in institutions and organisations within a country expect and accept that power is unequally distributed. Canada has a score of 39 on the power distance dimension. The Canadian culture is associated with interdependence among its citizens. This is also depicted by the lack of class distinctions in a particular society. Similar to other cultures that have a low score on the power distance dimension, hierarchy in organizations within Canadian are established for convenience and accessibility.

Superiors or people at the top are always accessible whereas managers rely on individual employees and teamwork for their expertise. It is a tradition for managers and staff members to consult one another, discuss some issues and to share information freely. Canadians always value or prefer a straightforward exchange of information, when it comes to communication (The Hofstede Centre, 2015). Individualism Individualism measures the degree of interdependence that a particular society maintains along with the members of that society. In a society that values individualism, the people are expected to look after themselves and their families. On the individualism dimension, Canada has been allocated 80, which is its highest dimension score.

Just as the same as in the business world, employees of a certain organization, are expected to be self-reliant and also show some elements of the initiative. Again, based on the exchange-based side of work, decisions on hiring and promotion made considering the evidence of what one has done or can do. Masculinity Canada scores 52 on the masculinity dimension. This can be characterized or considered a moderately “ masculine” society.

Canadians also tend to have a work-life balance and are likely to create a special time to enjoy personal pursuits, family gatherings and life in general. With this considered, Canadians are also hardworking and also work towards achieving high standards of work in all the areas. Uncertainty avoidance The Canadian score on this dimension is 48, and therefore we can deduce that the Canadian culture is more “ uncertainty accepting. ” This is depicted by the easy acceptance of new ideas, innovative products and a willingness to try something new or different.

This may, however, be related to technology, business activities, or various products. Canadians are tolerant of new ideas or opinions from anyone and they allow the freedom of expression. Canadian culture is not based on rules, and they also portray a non-emotional behaviour. Long Term Orientation Canada scores 36 in this dimension and can be rated as a normative society. The people that are associated with such societies always have a strong concern with creating or coming up with an absolute Truth, and hence they are normative in their thinking.

They portray a lot of respect for traditions, a small propensity to set aside for the future, and a focus on attaining quick results.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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