Essays on Business Operations of EOM Pet Care Australia in China Case Study

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The paper "Business Operations of EOM Pet Care Australia in China" is a wonderful example of a case study on marketing.   In most common day setting most people own pets. People have really changed a great way in regard to pets and most of them have gone to the extent of rearing and keeping pets in their homes. This has ultimately led to the emerging of companies with their main business function been the production of pet care products and food to feed the pets and thus the emergence of the pet care industry around the globe. 1.1 ObjectiveThe main objective of this report is to find the appropriate location that is china or Japan where the OEM pet care products Australia can market its pet care products since currently the company is mostly saturated in the domestic market with its pet care products.

This will be eventually be realized by conducting market research on the countries to find the most appropriate location for the company to market and sell their products. A critical analysis of data and related information regarding the target international market that is china will be realized through the evaluation of existing literature regarding the foreign market so as to come up with the information and also the rationale as to why OEM pet care Australia should consider diversifying into the chosen foreign market.

In so doing it is worthwhile to mention the various products which are offered by OEM. The pet care market will consist mainly of the sales and provision of cat care, dog care, other pet care, and pet healthcare products to the owners of pets so that their pets are in good health conditions and that they live comfortably. 1.2 Company selectedEOM pet care products Australia is one of the major players in the pet care industry.

OEM pet care is an extensive and reputable producer of pet products in Australia including pet supplies, cat food, dog biscuits, and dog food. The company sells most of its products to the Asian market. EOM's objective is to provide pet supplies of high quality to both Australian and internationally. EOM is a branch of connex united processors food manufacturing group which is based in Australia.

Even though the company is not widely recognized it produces quality products such as canned cat food, dog food and dry kibbles, grooming products, and pet treats. The company has a greater competitive advantage since it has been in existence for over twenty years and has operated under various well-known brands. Presently the company supplies at least 1 out of 5 Australian homes under brand names such as Tucker Time, My Friend, DermaPro; Masters Choice, A La Carte 4k9; HereBoy, Hearty Meals, Blackdog; Vita-Bics and under numerous other well-known Australian supermarket's brands. 1.3 Product selectedThe products that are to be selected so that they can be sold to the china market include products such as pet supplies, dog food, cat food and dog biscuits.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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