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The paper 'International Marketing of the Apple Company" is a perfect example of a marketing case study.   International marketing is the trading of goods and services between different countries to satisfy the needs of individual customers or organization (Lanier, 2008). People carrying out marketing should understand that different countries have different customers with different needs, and therefore, there should be a good marketing plan. An example of a global product is apple products. Apple has a very big potential in the business world, however, there are factors that hinder its success. These factors can be handled only by proper planning. Economic environment Due to the availability of different products on the world business, people have shifted from quality to products which are less expensive.

The Apple Company which is popular because of its quality and brand has been wrongly placed due to its high pricing position and this makes their competitors produce goods that are of low quality and less expensive. Expanding the economy of the country increases the labour wages, which leads to the high buying power of the innovative Apple products. The economic condition affects the business process of Apple products.

During inflation, the price of the products decreases and this affects the Apple business. Political environment Global warming is one of the major problems of the potential environment. Several ways have been used to reduce global warming. The companies should manufacture products that have low carbon dioxide emission so as to control the environment. Countries with good policies and low manufacturing costs tend to attract more investors than countries with poor policies (Kelly, 2011). Good government policies favours the investors, for example, China has good policies that favour investors.

That is why Apple manufactures its products in China. Political environment plays a vital role in the decision making of the company. Apple has opened many retail stores in major cities of the countries they operate in and this has reduced the operating costs of the company. The bad relationship between countries, wars and terrorism has a negative impact on the Apple Company. Cultural and social environment The increasing demand for wireless gadgets makes Apple be on the forefront of the wireless transition, and this is because of portability and accessibility.

Portable gadgets like tablet computer and smartphones allow users to perform several functions through the internet. The technology of wireless has been spread worldwide by Apple. The lifestyle of the people is one of the social factors that affect the Apple marketing process. Today having an Apple product you are associated with being the modern individual. Apple experiences cultural and social differences in the countries they operate and this comes in the form of language and attitude. The language makes the communication to be very difficult hence making the Apple business process very difficult (Kane, 2010). Technological environment Apple has made a fundamental change of the analogue music system through the creation of the iPod.

Through the research, Apple came up with the iPhone. The world mobile technology is 3G but Apple is ahead of all other companies by launching the 4G. This makes Apple be a leader in innovation. Apple believes that research is one of the main reasons for its success.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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