Essays on International Marketing - Exporting Event Cinemas to South Africa Case Study

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The paper 'International Marketing - Exporting Event Cinemas to South Africa" is a perfect example of a marketing case study.   Marketing Objectives - Increase the general audience by 40%. Gain more recognition among colleges and universities by touring at least one university or college per month. Financial Objectives - Meeting fiscal year 1 financial obligation. Increase corporate and individual contribution by 10%. Increase funding by 35%. Personnel Objectives Have a qualified team capable of providing high-quality customer service to customers and compensate them fairly. 7.1 The target market segment The target market segment for Event Cinemas is as follows: By genre- comedy, adventure, action, thriller, drama, romantic comedy and musical. By Age- Between 5 years and 54 years By Rating – U, PG, 12,15 and 18 7.2 Final Product specifications (define and explain any product adaptation factors required for the export market) The main products/services are movie watching complimented with refreshment concession.

Movies are by genre and rating. Movies By Genre Comedy- Humurous movies Adventure-Movies showing new experiences through explorations, struggles and situations, conquests, travels and creation of empires. Action- Movies that have continuous high energy, chase scenes, battles, rescues, mountains, martial arts, and races. Thriller- Movies that have elements of tension, excitement and suspense. Romantic- Love-themed movies Musical- Movies showcase song and dance routines Movies by Rating PG- This stands for Parental Guidance and means the movie is suitable for general viewing, though some scenes are not suited for young children.

A child over 8 years can watch but parents should decide whether their children should watch or not. U- This means Universal and anyone of age four years and above can watch. 12- This means the movie is not suitable for children under 12 years unless accompanied by an adult, and the adult should consider if the fil is suitable for the child. 15- This means the movies are unsuitable for children under 15 years. 18- This means the movies are unsuitable for children under 18 years Refreshment Concession International chocolates and candies Frozen Sorbetto in coconuts, lemons, limes and oranges Cinematheque soda made from natural Italian spritzer, juices and syrups Cinematheque fresh popcorn Production adaptation South Africa Government is supporting its local movies and most South Africans love to watch them.

Event Cinemas will need to add to its list of movies South African movies in order to attract more customers.

Other preferred movies are Bollywood (Indian movies) and Nollywood(Nigeria movies) that Event Cinemas will need to incorporate in their product/service offering. Cinemplex and facilities 6 theatres per cinexplex 20-metre digital screens Comfortable sits (Airport lounge-like) 7.3 Pricing Structures and Strategy Analysis Event cinemas will have a two-tier pricing structure. Blockbusters movies will be charged at least $15 while the rest of the movies will be charged at least $8. Pricing methods Located assigned seats- Those who are allocated assigned seats (have chosen preferred seats) will pay $3 more. Close to the showtime, the tickets are bought- Those buying earlier before the showtime will pay less by $3 while those who pay close to the show time will pay the standard price. How demand for tickets is- If demands for tickets are low, the price will go down by at least $2 and if the demand will be very high the price for the ticket will be higher by at least $3.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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