Essays on International Marketing of Rokeby Farm Dairy Products in Thailand & Singapore Case Study

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The paper "International Marketing of Rokeby Farm Dairy Products in Thailand & Singapore" is a perfect example of a marketing case study.   The report is about the market selection and the entry strategies that a company should use to penetrate into foreign markets. In the report, Singapore and Thailand are compared to determine which a better market is. Close scrutiny using PEST analysis shows that Singapore has a better environment for a business to thrive. The report then gives a comparison between Singapore and Australia and its depicted that Singapore is growing at a fast rate and has a demand for dairy products. Rokeby farm products can do well in the Asian continent where demand for milk is rising.

MADE Company is to use local retailers such as Sheng Siong as their distributors. Marketing through channels such as social media will also be incorporated to create awareness about the product in Singapore. Then direct exporting will be used as a market entry strategy. All these factors put into consideration give Rokeby farms a very good chance for expansion and gaining loyalty from the consumers in Singapore hence it’ s a very lucrative venture. Introduction Internationalization refers to the expansion of a company beyond the boundaries of the home country.

Most companies are trying to venture into foreign markets because new markets have risen up over time and thus there is the urge by companies to compete on a global level (Aulakh 2005). Different companies go global for different reasons which include: acquisition of several market shares, to increase sales and to make use of the available resources. MADE Company has great potential for growth because they got the required facilities for production and also because Australia has plenty of dairy farms hence milk is readily available for them.

This is crucial because a company cannot expand to other countries if they do not have the capacity to meet the demand. Before deciding to export a company must take into consideration and do thorough research on the potential market, analyze the competitors and buyers as well as come up with the best entry strategy to venture into the new markets. The markets Rokeby farm is considering to venture are Singapore and Thailand which are both upcoming economies.

Singapore, for instance, is growing at a very fast rate and has lower tariffs, higher purchasing power parity and political stability. Company and product analysis The made company was started back in 2005 producing nutrient water, cold-pressed juices and cocobella coconut water. In 2014 the company started the Rokeby farms which are a range of dairy products totally owned and produced locally. The farms are based at Victoria and then processed at Melbourne where the plant is situated. The product comes in different flavors which are: banana, iced coffee, salted caramel, Dutch chocolate and banana with honey and cinnamon.

The products are rich in protein twice the amount of milk. This gives it a comparative advantage because most consumers crave more protein. The company aims at competing with other global companies in producing a whole range of nutritious products while maintaining the standards and food safety for human consumption. The company also aims at raising the standards of the farmers in the country because they source their dairy products from local farms.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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