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The paper "Marketing EXlites in Romania" is a great example of a marketing case study.   This report proposes Romania as a potentially valuable market for EXlites solar lighting products. EXlites’ eight-point marketing platform developed for the Australasian market serves as a good basis for entering the Romanian market, with a few minor modifications. The four classes of EXlite products – the Supalux Series of lamps, energy-efficient LED lamps, Solar Lighting Plants, and Solar Bollards – have a wide array of applications, and can be applied to nearly any outdoor lighting need.

Romania as a potential market for solar lighting products is practically virgin territory; there are no manufacturers or direct distributors of such products in the country, and the activities of the sole competitor, BBE LED of China, have been limited. The country has the potential for solar energy, but no development or application of solar technology has been done in Romania for over 20 years. The country is best described as a developing economy; it has struggled in recent years from the twin effects of the global financial crisis and its continuing evolution from a restricted, centralised economy, but the prognosis for growth looks good.

Romania has its own currency and language, but is a member of the EU and has a Western outlook in business; it is ranked 67th of 183 countries in terms of ease of doing business by The World Bank. The most effective plan for entering the Romanian market would be to engage closely with one or more of the four importers/suppliers of solar and other environmental technology products in a distributor relationship, which would eliminate many of the potential risks of entering the new market.

The most promising market segment appears to be public and government customers, for whom cost-effectiveness and reliability are key concerns. 1. Introduction This report presents an assessment of Romania as a potential market for EXlites solar lighting products. A brief product overview and review of EXlites’ current marketing framework is presented first, followed by an in-depth assessment of the Romanian market environment, present competition, and potential customers and distribution partners. Based on this analysis, recommendations are made for a marketing strategy that can be deployed in this promising new market. 2.

Product & Company Overview 2.1 Lighting Products EXlites has four groups of products. Solar Bollards are useful for a path, driveway, and other ground lighting applications. The Supalux Series, lamps ranging in power from 24 to 72 watts, have a large number of applications as streetlights, sign lighting, landscape lights, and security lighting. Energy-efficient LED Lighting comprises LED lamps which are a money-saving, efficient alternative to conventional lighting. And finally, Solar Lighting Plants, heavy-duty portable lighting units, are suitable for mining, construction, and other applications where reliable, effective temporary lighting is needed.

There is a strong market for all these products in Romania. As is discussed below, with the exception of LED lamps there are currently no competitors offering such a range of lighting products in the country. 2.2 Current Marketing Framework The current sales and marketing platform of EXlites developed for the Australasian market provides a good starting point for developing a plan for the Romanian market. The current platform has eight key points:


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