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The paper "A Unique Take On Positioning and Market Segmentation " is a perfect example of a Marketing Case Study. The culture and marketing approach of Tesla has always been extremely innovative, competitive and efficient, and different from the other automobile manufacturers. This approach to marketing is unlike the customary marketing management approach of the automobile industry, which prefers mass production and marketing. Most importantly, Tesla cars are made with novel technologies to defy pollution, which is the need of the hour in oil rich countries like Saudi Arabia. The Saudi market, despite its smaller size, does not have its own automobile manufacturing industry.

Nevertheless, in the recent past, Saudi Arabia has adopted measures to transform itself into the automobile hub of the Middle East. This situation accords greater opportunity to the US motor market to introduce the Tesla car into Saudi Arabia. Due to its heightened traditional cultural values, any new business expanding into the country should display mutual trust and confidence. In addition, an increase in the country’ s per capita income and scarce public transport system paves the way for the growth of car business in the Saudi market.

Japan is the main competitor for this business, since it holds the major share of the automobile market in Saudi Arabia, with the US having the second rank. The young and old members of the multi-ethnic society of Saudi Arabia are the target market for the business expansion of Tesla cars. This report, after taking all the above issues into consideration, strongly recommends the expansion of the Tesla car business in Saudi Arabia. Tesla Car from USA to Saudi Arabia Report submitted with respect to expansion of business in Tesla cars from the United States to Saudi Arabia. Tesla Motors (Tesla) constitutes an international enterprise that designs, manufactures and markets electricity-powered vehicles and components.

It is the only manufacturer that sells zero-emission cars in serial production. Tesla was the first automobile manufacturer to produce and market battery electric vehicles (BEVs) that were highway-capable, in serial production. Tesla has adopted a strategy of selling sleek and eco-friendly designs at high margins. From its humble beginnings as a single retail store in 2008, Tesla has grown to 18 stores across the world, a production facility spread over 350,000 square-feet, and global sales in approximately 30 nations. Tesla has continuously defied the traditional business principles, and planned for tremendous growth, by adopting open source principles.

This company is poised to achieve the status of the car company of the 21st century. In addition, Saudi Arabia had been expected to undergo phenomenal growth in 2013, due to the expansion of the non-oil sector, and the unprecedented growth in household expenditure and a highly expansionary economic stance of the government.

Saudi Arabia’ s Central Department of Statistics had disclosed that real GDP had increased by 6.8% in 2012 from 8.5% in 2011 and 4.8% in 2010. This has been illustrated below: Description and Justification for Country Recommendation The Saudi market is conducive for Tesla cars business expansion. Saudi Arabia has adopted measures to transform itself into the automobile hub of the Middle East. At present, it constitutes the largest importer of automobiles and accessories in the region, with more than 770,000 sales of automobiles a year. The National Industrial Clusters Development Programme has identified the automobile sector as one of the five priority industries of this nation.

General Motors, Isuzu and Daimler-Benz have commenced production in Saudi Arabia.


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