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The paper "Good Strategy And Bad Strategy" is a great example of a Marketing Case Study. Due to technological developments, many organizations are considering using online marketing so that they can reach out to the wider market scope. Traditionally, the marketing function was conducted using traditional ways like Radios and TVs but in the current global market, most of the business operations have been automated and this means that even marketing function has also been automated (Kerin 2012). This has led to internet marketing because it is cheap and can reach out wider market scope as compared to traditional ways of doing things.

In this report therefore, the internet marketing concept will be discussed in relation to Checkers Resort and conference center which is among the leading resorts in Sydney. The internal and external business environment will be assessed and evaluated to determine the factors influencing the business operations. 1. Situational analysis Checkers Resort and conference center is a resort which is located 25 kilometers from the Sydney CBD center and it is surrounded by serene natural bush land which makes the resort attractive to tourists.

The resort offers variety of services which meet the needs of the tourists. Both domestic and international tourists visit the resort for various activities like conferences and visiting recreational facilities. The resort provides variety of services like rooms which range from Spa suite to Suite room depending on the needs of the customers who visit the resort (Checkers Resort and conference center 2015). The resort also provides accommodation facilities like deluxe room to accommodate the tourists. The other free services and facilities which are provided include free Gym and free parking.

In addition, various functions can be held at the resort. These functions include conferences and wedding as well as swimming facilities. This means that the resort provides variety of services to meet the diversified needs of the customers. The other internal factors that influence the functions of the resort include the organizational culture. The organizational culture applied in the organization ensures that all the workforce work together to ensure that the needs of the customers are met effectively. The democratic style of leadership at the resort also motivates the employees to offer their best skills to achieve the best results considering the needs of the customers (Checkers Resort and conference center 2015).

In this effect, the internal environment has influenced the business operations in that there is teamwork and that is why the facility has managed to create a competitive advantage. On the other hand, the external factors that influence business operations include political systems. For instance, the standard charges for the accommodation should follow the policies formulated by the government. In addition, economic changes influence the operations because when there is economic stability the management has to renovate all facilities to meet the increasing demand of the customers.

In addition, the social factors influence the way people live and this affects the design of the rooms for the visitors who have their own culture. Further, technological developments impact the organization in that the organization should use the technology which is most appropriate to meet the communication needs of the customers (Checkers Resort and conference center 2015). For instance, due to the increased use of social sites, the marketing function of the organization is done using social sites like Twitter.

In addition, competitors like Del Rio Riverside resort impact the operations of the organization. The other competitor includes Riverside Oaks Golf Resort. The competitors influence the pricing decisions and quality of services that are provided so that the customers can develop confidence in the resort (Checkers Resort and conference center 2015). For instance, the full rate for Suite Room at Checkers Resort and conference center is $255 while at Del Rio Riverside Resort the price might be high meaning that competitive pricing strategy has been influenced due to competition.


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