Essays on E-Marketing Strategic Planning Based on the SWOT and Situation Analysis of Biome Case Study

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The paper “ E-Marketing Strategic Planning Based on the SWOT and Situation Analysis of Biome" is an impressive version of the case study on marketing. It is an apparent fact that internet marketing has gained elevated prominence in recent decades. This has led to elevated research into the role of this channel in the promotion of marketing activities in different quotas, best epitomized by the retail industry. According to Hart et. al. (2000, p. 954), there has been significant attention which has been focused on the commercial potential of the internet to retailers in diverse countries around the globe.

This has generated several realms of confusion among the retailers. Firstly, there has been a question on what is it and what role the internet can play in retail marketing. Subsequently, diverse scholars and practitioners best epitomized by Evans (1996) as well as Van Tassel and Weitz (1997) among others have continuously asserted that the internet has the capacity of providing a new retail format which will be fundamental in taking over the traditional dominance of the fixed location stores. On the other hand, other scholars exemplified by Hezel (cited in Hart et.

al. , 2000, p. 954) have perceived the internet as undertaking a supporting role of the marketing activity which is already in existence. However, whatever the nature of the role which is adopted has been projected to eventually determining the demand among consumers for online shopping and thus the subsequent development of ‘ cyber retailing’ (Hart et. al., 2000, p. 954). Against this backdrop, this report seeks to develop an e-marketing plan for a small to medium-sized enterprise. The enterprise which has been chosen for this task is Biome which has been credited for being the ‘ greenest’ retail store in Australia which has opened its Adelaide street home in the CBD of Brisbane.

Much about the internal and external environment of this company will be explored in the subsequent section. Situation analysisThis section will explore the internal as well as the external environment of Biome. It will also investigate the competitors to this firm which will be succeeded by a concrete SWOT analysis of this company. It is however imperative to gain a brief background of this company in order to gain a comprehensive insight into its operations among other tenets. According to the Biome website (2013, p.

1), Biome as a company is primarily a family business that was founded by Tracey Bailey. This was after working in corporate communications and became cognizant of the need to part of a solution to the future problems confronting the planet. Biome instigated its operations in 2003 as an online shop which still remains a core aspect of this company even at the present time.

It evolved into a physical store in Paddington (Brisbane) in June 2005 and eventually opened the second store in September 2007 in the central business district (CBD) of Brisbane. Internal environmentIn a generic sense, this Biome can be perceived to be a retail firm that provides a wide alley of eco-friendly products. In this regard, this company has been credited for supporting the best eco-innovations as well as sustainable style. This store is thus leading other retail stores in the reduction of their impact on the planet (Biome website, 2013, p.


Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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