Essays on Internet Marketing of Gucci Company Case Study

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The paper "Internet Marketing of Gucci Company " is a good example of a marketing case study.   Handbags market trends highly in globally. Differentiated companies try to thrive in the market that does not offer any monopolistic advantages (Chaffey, 2013). Women are always thrilled by an evolving product fashion. There are several companies that offer different types of bags. Besides selling the bags, there are different strategies that the companies that bags use to approach the market. The strategies commence from the operational endeavours to the way the company approaches the supply networks.

In addition, the industry of manufacturing Bags has outstanding manufacturers. However, the contentious issue lies around creating an affirmative environment for the companies to thrive in business (Djonov, 2005). Companies that rank highly in the handbag selling practices include the Gucci, Chanel, Prada, and Louis Vuitton. Each of these companies produces competitive brands of handbags. They get distinguished by the manner through which the website exhibits the quality, the source of the market, the dimension of customization and the commerce practices. Gucci Company is the subject company that gets assessed and will get compared with the rest of the companies in each of the subject topics.

This essay explores the features and enhancements of the website in each of the companies, Chanel, Prada, and Louis Vuitton as compared to those of the Gucci Company. Community Companies in the global market desire to have a grip on what their customers resemble. Accordingly, the advancements they make revolve around the nature of the websites. Websites, in most cases, are formed to create a communication platform. The platform could be one-way, two-way or even webbed (Munster, 2014).

For instance, the Gucci Company, which sells most of the cheapest but quality handbag brands, has a distinct kind of website. First, the website offers a membership access pathway. The consumers or any interested party is allowed to sign up and log in to join the global membership platform for the Gucci handbag sector. First, the site has enabled capstones and communication applications which create a Gucci community. For instance, there are alternative means of communication, rather than the ancient email way. They include Twitter, Face book, Google Plus, YouTube, among others which form the Gucci handbag trading chime of change. These platforms of communication result in a more dynamic formulation of online communities such as chartrooms offered by twitter email and even Facebook.

Additionally, the blogs and ads applied via Google plus also form the basis of forming an online community. Alternatively, the Channel Bags and Handbags website is quite different if compared to the Gucci website. First, it creates a platform for prospective consumers to access the product portfolio (“ CHANEL Official Website” , 2012). However, it does not support the online communication that customers and interested members would wish to have with respect to the products sold.

Prada, an Italian guru in selling expensive handbags is subject to a number of communication communities. For instance, it supports Facebook and Twitter. However, it has not incorporated as numerous channels as possible, compared to Gucci. The rate of selling may also be affected by that. Finally, Louis Vuitton offers a platform for live assistance from the customer care representatives. However, it does not purpose for any online or even offline community since there is a deficiency of online communication sites that facilitate the presence of online chat rooms (Djonov, 2005).

Chanel, on the other side, has a number of channels that enable it to create an online and offline community. The channels include Facebook, Twitter, Google + and YouTube. Additionally, the site enables customers to adopt and use the language they can manage to communicate ineffectively. This case is also similar to that of Prada.


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