Essays on Internship In Business (commercial Bank Of Qatar)Fatima Assignment

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Executive Summary The report outlines the experiences as Human Resource Trainee during the internship period at Commercial Bank of Qatar Human Resource Department. The first and the last section (introduction and conclusion) give an overview of the report, background information about the organisation & current status and summary of the covered sections. Apart from these, the report has other 8 sections which outline the various activities experienced, reflection, challenges and recommendations among others. The second chapter covered mission, objectives and services offered by the bank so to attain the two. The report found out that the company has no well articulated mission and objectives.

Nevertheless, they have what they to us as ‘our promise’ which is ‘everything is possible’. This phrase anchors all their engagements and strategic operations. Equally it was established that the bank has myriad of services offered through retail or wholesale banking. The third section covered internship position description. The position held during the intern programme was ‘human resource trainee’ and it involved learning through hands on approach all possible practical aspects of human resource. The fourth section outlines the trainings completed during the four week period.

These are outlined per week. In general, most activities engaged in during the stay revolved around, communication skills, interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, back & front office management, team work & team building, data management, recruitment and staffing process among others. These engagements allowed me to gain firsthand experience on how to apply various class works into a real work environment as a budding HR. The fifth section states the author’s contribution the organisation in terms of skills and new ideas. The first realisation was that there are two categories of task, those paid for and they relates to technical skills and those not paid for and they relate to soft skills which allows an individual to navigate the social world around them.

The contributions to the organisation included helping in recruitment of interns, data management, and automation of records, public relations, front & back office management among others. The sixth section was a cross comparison segment between organisation expectations and the training received at the university. The main realisation is that the trainings being offered in the HR course is in tandem with the dynamic job market since the theoretical construct, models and concepts taught matches organisation expectations such matching human resources with organisational strategies. The seventh section outlines the usefulness and merits of the training.

The major merit is the fact that it offers a an HR intern opportunity to apply techniques learnt in class into reality, learn new experiences from the field and be able to create comparisons between the two. Thus, this is a great learning opportunity and networking platform for future endeavours. Section 8 analyses the work environment which turned to be a great since they have a conducive working environment through policies like non discrimination, diversity management, adequate remuneration, motivation and leadership. Finally, the last section proposes improvement for the programme with two observations be proposed.

The first is for the bank to be encouraged to have more opportunities, but this is possible through capacity development and this is the university and state comes into play.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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