Essays on Introduction of the New Blackberry 10 by Research In Motion as a Major Event in the Firm's History Case Study

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The paper “ Introduction of the New Blackberry 10 by Research In Motion as a Major Event in the Firm’ s History” is an  inspiring example of a case study on marketing. The recent case of Blackberry is bound to catch the eye of not only an investor but also the curious marketer. The modern way of doing business has shifted from the adage selling concept to a strictly marketing concept. The marketing concept is responsible for the philosophy behind the organization's decision to first establish consumer’ s needs and later set to satisfy them (Cahill, 2006).

Blackberry’ s intention to introduce a new line of smartphones going with the name BlackBerry 10 and an operating system of the same name that the C. E.O Thorstein Heins says has high chances of restoring Research in Motion’ s lost glory. The case of Blackberry displays a myriad of issues to marketers and the choice of marketing system basically in regard to its efforts to maximize consumer satisfaction, choice and life quality. The marketing mix, being the set of tools, components, elements that the firm uses to pursue its marketing objectives in the target market, will be the center of this study (Belch, 2004). Overview of the articleThe article demonstrates that the introduction of the new Blackberry 10 by Research In Motion (RIM) will be a major event in the firm’ s history.

The company enjoys just 4.6 % of the global market for smartphones with concerns that the firm has now resulted in survival strategies as opposed to earlier dominance. The firm is presenting the new elements of the new phone and its operating system. (Dawes, 2008). The article makes it known that Mr.

Heins, along with other executives at RIM, has been consulting with other audiences for four months and the general response has been impressive, there was a consensus, ‘ that Blackberry 10, which arrives more than a year behind schedule, was worth the wait. Blackberry 10, which is a one-touch screen model that has similar features to many other phones and a hybrid, comes with a keyboard just like the one on the current BlackBerry in addition to a touch screen. BlackBerrys’ real revolution has been presented as the ability of the phone to manage clients' business and personal information (Brassington and Pettit, 2007).

Concerns among analysts involve the ability of the BlackBerry 10 to bring back the RIM’ s fallen glory. Real marketing challenge exists in regard to the competition by Microsoft, Apple and Google, and other Android partners. Integration and collaboration efforts were cited as the cause of the delays that affected the late BlackBerry 10 launch. Mr. Heins displays his cards saying that his hopes are pegged on the roughly 79 million global customers to upgrade citing possible challenges in addressing the aspects of place marketing element mix.

(Cravens and Piercy, 2009). Analysis of the article 3.1 Product LoyaltyConcerns in Blackberry loyalty are evident in the U. S market which has been the leader in appreciating Smartphone trends where about 11 million users switched to other phones in the years 2009 and 2010. The company has recently continued to increase its subscriber base in developing countries like Indonesia and Nigeria. This has been possible from sales of low-cost handset acknowledging that the initial phones will be unaffordable for potential users in the developing world regions.

The launch of the BlackBerry 10 debut in North America and Europe may have confused loyalties since most of the demonstrations capitalized on the touch-screen version (Cravens and Piercy, 2009).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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