Essays on Concept of a Human Resource Information Management System Assignment

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The paper "Concept of a Human Resource Information Management System " is a perfect example of a Management Assignment. With the need to increase efficiency in business processes, organizations have turned to the adoption of technology solutions to manage vital business processes. Ideally, it is now possible to manage almost every business process via the use of technology. One of the areas which have experienced great advances in technology is human resource management. Currently, the realization of the use of technology in human resource management is made possible by the use of human resources information management systems.

Human resource management systems provide a software platform on which human resource managers can carry out specific processes related to human resource management. More and more companies are adopting HRIMS owing to the numerous benefits associated with it (Duc, Siengthai & Page 2012, p. 106). With HRIMS in place, organizations can be able to undertake recruitment and selection, manage payrolls, undertake training and development on the employees, manage a good communication system in the organization and manage employee motivation programs among numerous other human resource management activities.

The following assessment paper gives a deep insight into HRIMS while discussing its use in three human resource activities. Just like any other business information management system, HRIMS provides a computerized platform for the acquisitions, storage, analysis, and control of the information in an organization. HRIMS has a special focus on human resource management and is thus focused on increasing the efficiency with which processes in human resource management are undertaken. The main role of HRIMS is to automate the human resource management processes so as to achieve increased efficiency, accuracy and precision.

This ultimately leads to effective human resource management. In the wake of increased competition, there is an utmost need for organizations to manage their human resources effectively so as to gain a competitive advantage over their rivals in the market. HRIMS are basically made up of two main components; hardware and software. The software part of HRIMS is what dictates the abilities of the system. The design and coding of the software should be with respect to the requirements of the organization from the system.

Good software design should possess various characteristics. Generally, the software should have high security, scalability, maintainability, reliability, accessibility, usability, authentication/ authorization and database architecture features. This will ensure that the organization will be able to benefit from the HRIMS. On the other hand, the hardware is the platform on which the software is run. Generally, the hardware must have the properties to support the running requirements of the software. The properties of the hardware are dependent on the software. Generally, the hardware should have high storage capacities, high processing speeds, good usability, and high reliability. There are numerous benefits associated with the use of HRIMS in organizations.

The applications of HRIMS are limitless. Therefore, the benefits associated with a specific system are reserved with the imagination of the programmer. One of the main benefits of HRIMS is its associated efficiency. HRIMS has the ability to increase the speed in which human resource management processes are acquired out in an organization (Clemmons & Simon, 2001). On this point, it is important to note that automation leads to the elimination of the errors associated with the manual handling of information in an organization.

Secondly, HRIMS enables an organization to cut down on its labor requirements. Automation replaces the need for a large workforce in the undertaking of labor-intensive human resource management processes such as recruitment and selection. Thirdly, HRIMS is associated with good planning and project development abilities. The design of the system enables an organization to automatically plan its activities and track down specific issues on the course of management. This, in turn, leads to successful human resource management (Reza, 2013).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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