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Paid and Non-paid Job Opportunities That I would Choose to Build My Career Introduction In every step of life, we face a number of challenges and new situations that call for our presence of mind and prompt actions. In most cases, our personalities reflect in our actions. And many a times, our actions and training to combat the situation shape our personalities and character. Through this article we will quickly round up on the set of acquired skills that can help us in career building both through paid and unpaid employment opportunities.

It is intriguing to know that employment of both forms can bring out some of the silent traits in our personality and help us use them towards the building of a more complete career. In my opinion, any opportunity that challenges my creative and disciplined selves is what I would choose to pursue in my career. My favorite form of creativity is dance and I have been a dancer since my schooldays, taking part in ballads and dance dramas regularly ever since childhood. The main factor of a career in dance that intrigues me, right from training to performances and innovation, is the immense amount of physical and mental discipline (Nobel & Howley, 1979, p. 438) that it calls for.

To me the physical strain of dance as a profession is not as much as the creative expressions that need to be invented and performed from time to time, which I find both challenging and enjoyable. Therefore, my paid profession would naturally be dance as in the entertainment industry. The Paid Job: Walking your way through life is not easy as long as you are not confident of the creative genius in you.

The job calls for rigorous elemental and advanced training on a regular basis, to keep the dancer fit for different acts. The job is highly creative and gives you number of perks whenever you can showcase your creativity while doing the dance act whether in practice or stage performance sessions. If the candidate belongs to a professional dance academy, then they can look forward to a monthly salary which will have perks every time they take part in special acts or projects.

However, for those out single into the world of dance, payment comes for every project that they take up. The earnings in each case depend upon the skill and reputation of the dancer. The training/qualification required for this job varies from employer to employer. The advanced employers will look for previous dancing experience of three to five years, while the elemental institutions would expect dancing experience of a couple of months. Girls usually start training early in their teens while boys may start as late as sixteen years of age.

Dancers either perform solo, with a partner or in groups. Different dancing styles that I can choose to learn from include ballets, folk, ballroom, jazz, and tap dance. There are other forms of dance as well and I can choose to perform in different styles or specialize in a single style. Skill sets learned from Dance: The skills I can learn and develop while on this job are definitely many. I can be more fit, healthy, and disciplined than the rest in my age group, my technical skills and level of interpretation increases manifold and flexibility perseverance, along with higher levels of adaptability increase manifold.

These skills can help me in any professional or para-professional job that I undertake in the future. With the sharpness of a dancing intellect, pruned up with various auditions, choreographing exercises, regular work-outs and rehearsals ((Nobel & Howley, 1979, p. 439), make-up flexibilities and meeting up to choreographers expectations by being technically more accurate, I can easily adjust into any new situation swiftly and also build a career smoothly when facing new challenges at work.

With so many perks, dancing is a very good paid job opportunity for students and aspirers of the creative genius. Dance is an art form that can be used to create awareness, peace and prosperity in the society. Through dedicated dancing, I can hope to make a strong career by using acquired skill sets in this profession and make a contribution towards building peace and harmony in society. Emerging industries in dance include motion pictures and sound recording industry and creative and performing arts.

With increasing integration with different entertainment based industries, the scalability of the dance industry easily promises high generation of revenue in the entertainment industry, which can lead to a more stable economy. The Non-paid Job: The non-paid job that I am interested in is a voluntary assignment under the local wing of WHO. WHO is a branch of the UNO which concentrates on ensuring better living conditions of women and children in areas below the poverty line, all over the world. I wish to join the volunteers who visit the downtrodden areas of the country and provide relief and security to people affected in floods and famines.

The job requires me to travel, undertake severe physical strain and use my full energy in mobilizing solutions towards rehabilitation of affected parts of society. The non-paid job gives me more satisfaction than the paid job only because in this job I am making a direct contribution to society and getting a chance to bring smiles on faces of the needy. The job also gets me a certification from WHO and a referral for the next voluntary project.

In shaping my career, the job gives me more patience and happiness to take back to my daily work. It also allows me to develop better team building skills and gives me rare insights into man management. Emerging trends in the WHO fraternity include increasing corporate collaboration through social responsibility drives and better infrastructure. With time we can hope to see more investment in such selfless organizations. It brings peace and succor to the society and develops a more balanced economy with investments being directed towards such selfless causes.

Conclusion: Both of the above services allow me to grow as a person and as a professional and give me ample scope to try jobs in other industries like management, hospitality, healthcare, and business development, which I can do by using the acquired skill sets developed during my tenure in these opportunities. While dance increases my energy through physical discipline (Nobel & Howley, 1979, p. 441), philanthropy increases my energy through mental and spiritual discipline. References Noble, R. M., & Howley, E. T. (1979). The energy requirement of selected tap dance routines. Research Quarterly.

American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, 50(3), 438-442.

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