Essays on How Rational Organization Increases Efficiency and Cost Reduction Case Study

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The paper “ How Rational Organization Increases Efficiency and Cost Reduction” is a great example of the case study on management. Junction hotel is one of the most prestigious hotels that offer a range of services. The rate of customer satisfaction for the hotel is high and it has continued to attract customers both locally and internationally. The strategies used by the hotel have greatly contributed to its success. The management team of the hotel is also active in the provision of services and the implementation of the strategies. On the other hand, customer satisfaction has also resulted in the good performance of the hotel.

The hotel has been able to scoop several awards in the hospitality industry due to its success. This has played an important role in building the brand image of the company and hence attracting customers. However, despite the success of the hotel, it has been undergoing a difficult economic situation in the recent past. The management of the high number of employees and assets of the hotel has been of concern to the management. This has led to managerial problems in terms of implementing strategies.

The issues of rationalization and globalization are some of the ideas that may present the solution top the operations of the hotel. The paper thus discusses the issues of rationalization and globalization in relation to Junction hotel. Features of a rational organizationRationalization is important for an organization in terms of streamlining the management process. One of the most important features of rationalization in an organization is the reduced cost of operations. This is beneficial to the economy of the company and hence improving the chances of success for the organization.

In most of the organizations that are prosperous, change management is usually part of the business as changes occur from time to time. An efficient change management strategy is also a feature that is found in rational organizations. This is also important in terms of reducing resistance by the employees due to the changes implemented. Guidance for best practices is also among the features of a rational organization.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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