Essays on Event Management of London 2012 Olympics - Marketing, Place-Making, and the Visitor Economy Case Study

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The paper “ Event Management of London 2012 Olympics - Marketing, Place-Making, and the Visitor Economy" is a persuading example of a case study on management. Event making is the art of preparing a place with the expectation of visitors of which one will be the host(Stea & Turan, 1993). Over the years, event making has been going on without any regulations, but in recent times there are standards set for one to meet a sustainable event (Green, Rogerson, Sadler, & Wong, 2011). The measures of the standards expected are based on venue selection, communication and transport state around the selected venue, supply chain, and procurement issues and operating procedures(Rubertone, 2008).

Event making in practice has many challenges and shortcomings which need some expertise and skill to handle. Event planning and implementation need to be handled by a team of event managers for the realization of a successful event(Goldblatt, 2005). A good event planning committee should also take into consideration; the environmental impact of the event, the human rights that should be observed during the event, labor practices and the social responsibility in the event(Stea & Turan, 1993). The event planning committee should also take into consideration the effect of multiculturalism and the challenges of hosting a large multitude of people in one place(Rubertone, 2008).

In event planning and management, there are very many social and cultural issues that need to be looked into in order to host a sustainable and successful event(Stea & Turan, 1993). At such events, security matters are an important issue. The event managers are supposed to make sure that all areas at the venue are well guarded by security officers and order is maintained (Green, Rogerson, Sadler, & Wong, 2011).

They are also to make sure they obtain an official contract that enables them to carry out the event without interruptions from the government(Stea & Turan, 1993). Due to the risks and the insecurity issues that can come up from such events, the managers are to take an insurance cover for the event. Pollution effects of the materials used by individuals at the event should be minimized, and litter bins for dirt disposal are availed at accessible points(Goldblatt, 2005).

This helps keep the environment clean and appealing. The general cost of such an event is supposed to be analyzed, and ways of minimizing costs established prior to the event commencement. Staging events, however, have many cultural and social issues that arise and are as discussed below(Goldblatt, 2005). Hosting events has many benefits for the hosts. These benefits, however, can only be realized if the event managers have a good plan for the event. Some of these benefits are as depicted below(Stea & Turan, 1993). BENEFITS OF EVENTSTangible benefitsInfrastructure developmentThe infrastructure was developed as people needed to be transported to the fields where the events were taking place(Goldblatt, 2005).

Several infrastructure constructions have been completed in the recent past due to the pressure anticipated by the large multitude of people. All these infrastructure development was supposed to be completed before the commencement of the London Olympics(Rubertone, 2008). This is a major development in the host country. The developed infrastructure will continue being in use over the years even after many years from the date the event was hosted(Stea & Turan, 1993).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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