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Data Sources on ISO/IEC CERTIFICATION; ISO/IEC 20000 certification website: http: //www. isoiec2000certification. com. ContentWhat ISO/IEC 20000 certification is? Bodies registered with ISO/IEC certificationOrganizations that have been certified by ISO/IEC 2OOOO CertificationFrequently asked questions on the ISO/ IEC 20000 certification. What it takes to attain the ISO/IEC 2OOOO Certification. The standards for ISO/IEC 2OOOO Certification. Firms that have been attained the certification in North America. The sodexo Inc. company website: http: //www. sodexousa. com/usen/press. Content of information from the website; Current information about the company. Background of the company. ISO/IEC 20000 certification of the company. The company’s scope of operationThe confirmatory company that was involved with the issuance of the certification. The scope of the ISO /IEC Certification issued. Why the company sought for the ISO/IEC 20000 Certification. The current position of the companyThe future of the companyThe goal/ objective of the company.

The company’s mission statement The type of management strategy incorporated in the company since its inception. The type of environment fostered by the company. Innovative solutions adopted by the company since its inception. Challenges that the company has faced and how it plans towards overcoming them. The Washington business journal The content of the informationSodexo Inc. Company. How the company plans to grant disabled farmers the okay to plow their own fields of land.

How the search for technology by the company has been transformed in to a talent. Washington firms taking the lead role in diversity. The major firms in Washington D. C that have taken the best place in black enterprise in diversity. The adoption of a new director in the Sodexo Inc. Company. Sodexo articles that have made it for publication in the business journal The sale of comfort keepers to a French renowned firm. How firms in Washington are planning towards the overcoming the effect of the looming economic crunch. The business week.

Website: http: //www. bxbusinessweek. com/green-energy. Content of information. Green energy. Sodexo’s effort to foster green energy. Sodexo and partner firms in the move to shift to green energy. Associated press. Date of publication 27th April. 2007.Topic; how the food service firm, sodexo plans to fully settle the case on racial bias. Bharat book review. Website; http: //www. bharatbook. com/market-research/sodexo inc. Content of informationThe location of the company Strategic analysis review of the sodexo food company in North America. Summary on the scope of production of the company. Why and how the company should be rated among he best performing firms in food technology. The history of the company.

The growth of the Sodexho Inc Company to the current position. The competitive advantage enjoyed by the company. How the slowing growth in the US economy has impacted on the company. The strategic partnership that the company has put in place. Duration of the activity; 1 day. Activity B: The case study Executive summary The report was requested by the CEO of the Sodexco Inc Company in an effort to elucidate the company’s status in line with the ISO\IEC 20000 certification and the related benefits.

This paper examines the Sodexo Inc Company in North America in its quest to attain the certification. This is in line with the background f the company, the current position, the scope of the certification and the background of the certification. In line with the background of the company, the size, location and scope of operation shall also be highlighted. “The report has been written under the authorization of the Mr Allan Cruff the CEO of the Sodexco Company” (Carson 2009, p. 12).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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