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The paper "The Environmental Issue Faced by British Airways" is a perfect example of a business assignment. British Airways has faced certain issues that have been detrimental to its image. One particular issue examined in this paper concerns the environment. In the airline, the first environmental issue was raised in 1989. This followed the creation of the Environmental Branch so as to identify and handle the issues accordingly. As a result, there was a production of its first Environmental Policy in 1990. This is the same policy that was revised by the Board in 2000 so as to, for the first time, integrate social issues.

Therefore, this paper seeks to improve examine the company’ s environmental issues and outline its mission statement and plans for the reconstruction of the broken image. Environmental issue The environmental issue faced by British Airways entailed certain issues that the public raised. These include fuel efficiency and emissions, noise, congestion, materials, water and waste, conservation and tourism. To begin, the company’ s operations by the use of aircraft caused a lot of noise pollution to the immediate public and that located along its routes.

Secondly, there were many delays of the air traffic, that in turn, caused congestion; one of the airline’ s most immediate and critical problems. There was also a problem of emissions of dangerous gases, such as nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide, and water vapor (Owen, Lee & Lim 2010, pp. 2255-2260). Waste produced by its aircrafts ob board amenities and catering was another hazardous issue that faced the airline. The airline’ s operations, in a way, had negative effects on the tourism sector. Mission statement In order to overcome this issue, the airline has developed a mission statement aimed at rebranding the company.

This statement entailed the introduction of an environmental branch whose main aim was to identify and handle any environmental issue in the company. Alongside the company’ s environmental branch, the airline also introduced an environmental policy that addressed its environmental issues. Some of the environmental issues faced by the company included waste, noise, tourism and conservation, emissions, and congestion.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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