Essays on The Multinational Corporation as an Inter-organizational Network by Ghoshal and Bartlett Article

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The paper “ The Multinational Corporation as an Inter-organizational Network by Ghoshal and Bartlett” is an actual variant of the article on management. The introduction part of ‘ The Multinational Corporation as an Inter-organizational Network’ presents the shift in the focus in academic work regarding conduction research on multinational corporations (MNC). The focus of the study is on network coordination between the MNCs and the way the management of this network impacts the competitive advantage of the MNC in the foreign subsidiaries across the probable scope economies. Moving forward, the authors of the article advocate for the adoption of the inter-organizational theory when conducting future research related to MNC.

The authors believe that when this theory is adopted, it will provide the necessary insight into the geographical and complicated organizational system that exists in MNC. Therefore, the authors propose a formulation concerning the way the tools and concepts of the inter-organizational analysis could be applied so that it could fit this new theory; that is the inter-organizational theory. The authors have used a multinational company named N. V. Phillips to represent other multinational corporations to frame the context of the discussion of the application of inter-organizational theory in the evaluation of the organizational systems that exist in various MNCs.

One of the major findings of this assessment is that the MNCs can be appropriately conceptualized as the inter-organizational grouping as opposed to just being grouped as a unitary organization. Additionally, the authors have provided a rather deep insight that can be obtained from the operations and the internal structures which are mainly used in the exploration of inter-organizational phenomena. Critical Assessment of the IntroductionThe introductory part of the article has given a solid background of the theoretical approach that the entire paper will adopt in the evaluation of inter-organizational groupings of the MNCs.

Therefore, this piece is significant and accessible to researchers who wish to conduct studies that are related to the MNCs and the management team of the MNCs as well.


Ghoshal, S. and Bartlett, C.A., 1990. The multinational corporation as an interorganizational network. Academy of management review, 15(4), pp.603-626.
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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